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Persuading my coworker

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Hi everyone. I'm new to this forum, but I'm very interested in learning the techniques of persuasion and how I can apply them to my everyday life. I've been reading and watching youtube videos, and I think I'm starting to learn the basics. Here's my issue: I'm a physics instructor at a college, and my coworker is always leaving lab equipment out, on the floor, or on the desks, when it should be put away on a shelf or a cabinet. I want to persuade him to put it away. He's a bit stubborn. In the past, I have asked him to put equipment away, and he just gets mad. So I need to try something new. Here are my ideas:

1. People are more likely to do something if you give them a reason to do it. So maybe I'll say, "if the lab equipment was picked up off the floor, the lab would look nice." I could also say "The way it is, it's a safety hazard. If we put it away, this area will be safer."

2. Asking for a "small commitment":  I could choose one of the items that he left on the floor, and say, "Can we just put this one item on the shelf?"

3. Using "social proof," or "they did it too." I could name of the other physics instructors, and say, "About a month ago, Fred left one of the power supplies on the floor. And I asked him about it, and he said he was the one who used it, and he put it away in the cabinet."

What do you all think? Also, I think this coworker of mine is very insecure. So if you have any tips for dealing with insecure people, let me know.

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