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Favorite Sleep Programming Hypnosis/Subliminal?

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Nobody else has answered YET so I'm gonna add my OPINION....I THINK there are Theta versions of a lot of them and I THINK Theta is more likely to put you to sleep, anything with Theta or Alpha.  I can fall asleep to other ones too now, but it took a few days, maybe a week MAXIMUM to be able to train myself to that.  And then I fell asleep listening.  Now I can fall asleep listening to tracks, if I choose.  But Theta or Alpha- based ones - - alpha as in Alpha brainwaves not Alpha topic - - - might help.   I wonder if...you could also start with a track whether Alpha/Theta or not ON attracting sleep.  Start falling asleep to THAT and then later, throw in different topics, or have others queued up to follow it. 

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Here's what I do.

Hypnotize yourself to sleep then add the subliminal after.

Youtube a hypnotist called Thomas Hall.

I used to download his sleep hypnosis track, cut it shortly after the induction and then play George's subliminal. By the time George's tracks begin I would've been knocked out cold.

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