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Attending summit. Looking to make business deals

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The summit starting this friday at San Diego will be full of potential affiliates for my business.


Beside having a good time and learning from the speakers talk, which MindPersuasion product should I look next to optimise my business success?


I currently have Manifest Women and reading Frame Control...


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thank you for your recommendation George. I'm currently looking at its Amazon page.


How does the book relates with the program of the same name? Is it an introductionary subset or does both products complement each other well?


The book on Amazon is the manual. The course is the manual plus the subliminal sessions.

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ok. That is what I thought and I bought the full system even before receiving the answer


Something that I love and I recommend anyone doing the experiment if you have doubts that the subliminals work.


When I bought the system, it was really late so I had not really time to start reading the manual.


So I just started the play the 256 voices tracks and I went to bed.

Now understand this: If you have never listened to the 256 voices track, you cannot consciously understand a word of what is said.


So the morning after. I had no idea what affirmations that I have exposed my subconscious to. No idea what the lazy persuasion way system is all about neither. I just went into my day.

I just happened to start conversations with strangers with unusual questions for me to ask and I saw people opening up and telling me personal stuff about them....


THAT is proving that Lazy way subliminals WORK big time!


So try it yourself. Next time that you buy a MindPersuasion product. Don't rush into the manual. Start your journey with the 256 voices tracks and see what your subconscious mind is capable of by itself.

You will be amazed to observe a change in your behavior without any conscious efforts.


THIS IS EYE OPENING on how a huge part of our mind works!!!

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