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Best apps to listen on my phone before and during sleep? (ios10iph6s)


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Hiya.  Semi-tech-y question here.


I had an iphone 6s and I upgraded to another 6s but with double the memory and it's ios 10.  Sooo, I'm wanting to put some of the subliminals onto my phone and listen as I am drifting off to sleep and as I am sleeping, like I used to and just wondering if anyone has any apps to recommend that are good for that?  So I could listen without needing to be online.  


Alternatively is there anyone who listens on their laptop?  I worry my laptop might fall off the bed!  And I'd need a longer chord but I could get one.  


Sooo, ideas??


Thanks in advance :-) 

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I'm assuming that you are listening the 256V versions.


Here is what I do.

First, I use VLC player. This is a great free open source multimedia player.

You can create a playlist, create a loop and have enough tracks to keep your subconscious mind busy all night.


So I launch my playlist. I first start the listening with my headphones for some time. I cannot tell how long, I just drift but at some point, I feel the urge to remove the headphones. I unplug them and continue my listening on the speakers while I sleep.


I cannot tell where I saw George say it but he says that it is ok to listen from speakers during night as the sole purpose of the headphone is to have the theta brain freqs inducing sounds work.


But since when you are sleeping, by definition, your brain is already in a deep state, you don't need this track feature. I have found that like this, it was allowing me to keep listening.

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