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Helpful affirmations to learn to love yourself again after a break up

Sarah Rose

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Part of the pain of a break up is the feeling of worthlessness.  If the other person whom you invested so much of your love/life/time into didn't consider you worthwhile, then maybe you are not.  And, this might be the thought in your head that is causing you pain. 


What are some useful self affirmations that can help you regain your balance?  Or what techniques can be used to regain a positive self image, including subliminal hypnosis or suggestion?

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Guest Beverly

Something that has always worked for me is to say to the other person, "you will always be in my heart." This is my way of saying, you are not in my life in a romantic way now, but I still love you in my heart and cherish the time we spent together.  This affirmation is much more loving and lifting than solely focusing on the pain that I might be feeling as it acknowledges the happy moments we had and says the person is still worth remembering.  This is important as part of the break up process that causes pain is admitting that you were wrong about your choice.  In this way, no wrong is being admitted, as often times a relationship breaks up for reasons beyond your control, even when the person was 'the one' for you.

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Let me see what I can come up with. 


This too shall pass

I am grateful for the love I have had in the past, the love in my life now and the love to come

My heart heals more and more every day

I am strong and wonderful with so much to offer and I am healing more and more every day

I allow myself to heal.  I allow myself to open up to new, healthy love in the perfect time and way for me.

I appreciate all that I learned and all the good things I experienced from my last relationship and any other previous relationship/s

I let go of the things from my last relationship that hurt me, I let go of that pain now.

I know I have value.

I know I am really worthwhile and really worthy of being loved by a wonderful person who I love and think is wonderful too.

I know this is manifesting for me now.

Day by day I love myself more and more.

I forgive myself.  I let go of past regrets.  I let go of past guilt.

I am smashing through the wall of pain, sadness and sorrow.  This wall crumbles, my sadness leaves me and is replaced by happiness and joy.

I find things to laugh and smile about every day.

I am so attractive.  I am so sexy.  I am SO damn loveable.

I bring so much to the table, including in relationships. 

Anyone in a relationship with me is lucky to have me and I am lucky to.

I attract wonderful, loving, positive people into my life that I really like.

I breathe out pain, I breathe in love. I heal, I let go.

My tears of sadness and heartbreak, heartache are replaced with laughter and joy and tears of appreciation and love.

I learn to love and trust again when I am ready.

I treat myself, I truly love myself.  I am a truly gorgeous person.  

All is well.  All is for my benefit.  I find so much to love in life.  I am cocooned in love from myself, the Universe and others.

I love me, I really do.  


OK, I think I'm asking for a video with these! 

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Break ups are hard. And I am going through the same phase right now. 

I broke up with my girlfriend 6 months ago. Actually she self me for another dude and since then I  am heart broken.

Affirmation helped me a lot during my heart break.  Here are some affirmations that I practice daily to overcome break up:

  • I Love Being Alone And Spending Time With Myself
  • Once You Realize You Deserve Better, Letting Go Is The Best Decision Ever
  • I Will Get The Love I Deserve
  • I Will Heal And Fall In Love Again
  • Not Every Lose Is A Lose

You can find more affirmations for break up here. I hope they are helpful to you as well.


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