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Listening while working?

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I tried to contact George about this but have not heard back:


Is it ok to listen to the subliminals while you are doing work (for example: computer programming)? Or should you be laying down with no distractions whatsoever (in the same manner you would if you were doing conscious hypnosis tracks)?

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For the new products there are three different types of sessions, each has it's own optimal listening method. For the 256V it's best listened to before sleeping, while focusing intently on a visualization.


The 4V T sessions are best listened to while laying back, eyes closed and visualizing. 


The 4vG sessions are best listened to while interacting with others socially, or doing specific journaling or observational exercises based on the particular listening session.


You CAN listen however you want, but some ways are more effective than others.


If you have any questions, it's always better to TRY SOMETHING, pay attention to your results and see what works best. 

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