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I have been following Manifestation Women for about a week.

This has been a huge success as I already experience changes in my behavior.
The feeling I have about the experience is a little bit weird.
It is as if sometimes when I was interacting with women,
I was letting the new me take control and I was observing what I am doing from a spectator point of view.
I get much better feedback from women so I'm totally satisfied but it is a strange feeling to act differently, not feeling the current behavior as familiar. The affirmation programming is working very strongly with me.

Results I got so far:

I started authority exercises and frame control with women. The feedback that I got out of my practice is that:

If she feels attracted by you, she is going to test your frame control by throwing tests at you. If you maintain the control, I have noticed subtle sign of submission from some women with who I have interacted with. This tells me that I'm on the good path as submission is mentioned in the manual somewhere.

I spoke with a very hot brunette at the gym (the kind of women on George's videos cover).
I felt that I didn't spark attraction in her and in retrospect,
I think that this is because of lack of social proof.

What is telling me that is that she went talking with almost every single guy in the place except me.

She was either:

1. Snobbing me
2. She is secretly very attracted and attempt to instill jealousy in me

For the sake of reframing, I'll pick #2 ;-)

This made me make realising that each woman will need different level of social proof to feel attraction.

Those who require too much social proof are disqualified as I want a woman that is independant free thinking and does what she wants to do without worrying what others will say...

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