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When the wrong person is attracted to you

Sarah Rose

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Call it fatal attraction or whatever you want, but sometimes there are situations when the wrong person is attracted to you.  And, who knows why this happens.  Maybe they misunderstood your intentions or just feel especially attracted to your energy or personality.  Are there any ways to make it so that only the right people are attracted to you?

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I'm kinda working on this but for me it's usually more wanting to attract guys with the same intentions for us as me.  But as regards to what you asked, part of it, I think, is to try not to give it too much emotion.  This is sort of taken from The Power by Rhonda Byrne but also I went through a stage when on a certain online dating site I got lots of messages, at one stage I was getting two a day!  However they were from guys I did NOT find attractive.  They weren't necessarily butt ugly but I am real fussy and I don't believe in "ugly" anymore anyway.   More a case of attractive to me and not attractive to me.   I had a lovely cut & paste thanks but no thanks reply that was also very nice and some of them even thanked me for it but I felt frustrated!  So one thing is I stopped giving it so much feeling.  Rhonda Byrne says be neutral as you can about it.  I'd get guys look at me on the tube (train) too that were not my type and I'd make myself by neutral and also well OK, I GUESS it's nice to be liked.  


But also I got this affirmation from an online friend who used this to attract more female attention so I tried it for guys "I am gorgeous and I truly love myself."  And affirming "I'm beautiful"  Anyway, I think it may have taken a couple of weeks? But I went from not seeing ANY guys I found attractive ANYWHERE to seeing more hotties!  Plus for me, subliminals and hypnosis on attracting men have been helpful in attracting better looking guys.  I mean, better looking in MY eyes, I'm not saying any guys are better or worse looking, it's subjective, right? 


I also tried affirming "I am so witty" and I attracted a part-time comedian!  Unfortunately, it ended up being weeks of texting then he found a girlfriend who WASN'T me but he made me laugh many a time with his witty comments.  


But I know what you mean!  Last night I had this date and he did NOT look like his photo, not really.  

I still really enjoyed our date of course and I think he did too but I really REALLY HOPE that he has picked up that I'm not into him like that.

I tried my best to convey it nicely.  Like I told him about dating apps I know about and 

after our date - two drinks, a long chat and laughs in a pub near me - (and yes I made it very clear I would be going home and on my OWN straight after!) - I had said bye and all and he was like "Do you want to go and get a nightcap somewhere?"

"Thanks for the offer but no"

"Do you want me to come home with you?" 

Maybe it was just "walk" home with you, I was very tipsy! 

"Thank you but no, but I hope you have a lovely night and thanks for meeting me."

But I just hope he realizes!  

Cos I don't like to turn guys down.  I will if I have to but I dislike it.  Hence the copy and paste rejection letter. 


And sometimes I write the affirmations about the cute guys too.

So it's what I'm doing.  I am exploring George's "Romantic Men" video - it was one of MY requests! 

And at least last week's date was much cuter in person. 

Though that time I don't think HE fancied ME.  But he asked me lots of questions about me and said he'd like to see me again and in both cases, the guys were great to talk to and I definitely enjoyed the dates!  And I have one of the most beautiful guys in the world - in my opinion - attracted to me but unfortunately only sexually & I'm not sure I'd want to date HIM ANYWAY!  

But it's certainly a start, things ARE changing.  And it's a big improvement from January to March when I wasn't even SEEING good looking guys around. 

Definitely, hypnosis and subliminals and yes the videos here on that honestly they really DO help and the affirmations. 

I now have men (obviously not ALL of them and all the time! but some of them, some of the time and some of these are cute too!) looking at me and smiling back at me when I am out and about which I wasn't getting - they used to ignore me or look afraid like I was about to grow fangs and bite them!  and I have been getting a LOT of attention online (although unfortunately a lot of it is sexual interest, but things are starting to get more romantic again and I have also had some lovely dates with very cute and nice guys! 

So it CAN be changed.


Honestly, don't give it too much attention or you get more and more of the DON'T want!  

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Lol, I keep reading this... what's wrong with it?


These people appreciate what you are, and are attracted to your energy. Sure, you don't want them back, but why try to stop people from appreciating the beautiful being that you really are? You really ought to be flattered. At least, I still am when it happens to me. All you owe them is a "Thanks, but no thanks" sort of response. Appreciate that they're attracted to you, but turn them down.


Turning them down is for some reason seen as a negative, but in reality you're doing THEM a favor by telling them you two wouldn't be compatible. This way the guy can move on and find someone who is compatible to him.

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