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subliminal program for curing cancer


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Sir I have seen many people hopes are dashed when they suffer cancer, leaving their children and their loved ones for another world, it feels pity to see such things happening. Can you create a program that'll beat cancer and bring hopes alive to the people.

I would be very grateful if you do so. It will a great help for many people. As also no one knows any one can suffer cancer

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While that would be a worthy product, making anything that purports to "cure" any type of illness would likely be illegal and would invite many lawsuits.


Meditation (or prayer), stress release, and repeated focused visualization in any case of illness is best.


However, depending on the type of cancer, there ARE some exciting breakthroughs being made. Unfortunately, since most cancer research has already sunk tons of money into "traditional" cures, you won't likely find these unless you actively look.




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