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Excited about Manifest Women ... but I have a question


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All are similar, in that they approach the same goal, but they come at the issue from a slightly different angle.


Manifest Women is designed to transform your world view from the inside out to generate the natural behavior that is attractive. It's not filled pickup techniques and strategies.  It also uses very different techniques to get the same result (absolute confidence and zero anxiety with women).


It also has GAMMA fills, (the others only have theta). Gamma (with subs) can be used when out walking around, even talking to girls, and will give a powerful real time boost.


Think of them as different tools in a toolbox that you use to build something magnificent. Some tools you'll use in some situations, other tools you'll use in other situations.


The more tools you have, the more ways you can look at things, the more ways you can mentally rehearse things, the more you'll get what want.


Also consider that if you get MW, you don't need to stop with the others.


After going through all the stuff, (at least once) you'll have a more robust set of skills and tools to handle whatever you need to handle.

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