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Please explain more about the "Best Me Technique" of self hypnosis

Sarah Rose

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I have been trying to find out more about how to perform self hypnosis and read somewhere about a "Best Me Technique" which is a form of hyperempiria, or suggestion-enhanced experience.  I don't have any details about this technique or how it's performed and would like to know if it's applicable in my situation or how it's done? 

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Guest Beverly

Are you familiar of the 'warm safe place' concept?  If you feel afraid or upset, you go to your 'warm safe place' in your mind.  This is a technique often used by those who have been traumatized.  However, it's also applicable to anyone wanting to escape a stressful regular day situation.  To make this work, you will want to meditate deeply and put yourself in a beautiful place such as a meadow or by a lake.  You should be able to fully realize the location in your mind so that it's like being there.  You should try to feel everything about this altered existence. When fully immersed in this alternate existance, you can contemplate situations and feelings that would otherwise feel threatening.  This is just one example of applying the 'Best Me Technique' you talked about. 

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