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Need subliminal suggestions please


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Hi, for the past year I have been using different subliminals, hyponosis, books to find and attract love and recently discovered George Hutton. I've been using the love magnet subliminal for a few days now.


I seem to hit the same problem whenever someone does show any signs of attraction to me because my mind thinks they are attracted to me, but at the same time I can't see why they would like me, which is odd I know, but I think this is down to years of emotional abuse, I have been told by people that they loved me, but they treated me badly and I think that is why I don't believe these guys would actually like me.


Because of this guys eventually give up trying to persue me. Recently a guy seemed interested in me and was trying to talk to me when I was alone, but all I could think was he is going to laugh at whatever I have to say, which was completely irrational, but there's something in my beliefs that triggers this with any man I find attractive where I can tell it's mutual.


I think I'm attractive and a good person, but I think in other peoples eyes that I am not good enough, but I feel like I am good enough if that makes sense.


Does anyone have any subliminal suggestions to help with this please?



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That is very common, in fact all people feel on some level, they are not "good enough." This stems between the age of 2 and 4 (or so) all people went from being encouraged to "stand up and talk" to being told to "sit down and be quiet."


This leaves a feeling that on one level, we are good enough, but on another level, we "think" we have some deep dark horrible secret we're terrified that people will find out and reject us.


have a look at this:




The books is filled with exercises that can help eliminate that.


There's also the new course:




That addresses that issue. It's very common, and also very complex as it's different from person to person in how it was EXACTLY created.


It's also one of the most singular things holding us back, that once "fixed" can make life pretty amazing. It does however require some "work" aside from passive listening, as the deep memories need to be addressed as specifically as possible, before flipping them around from positive to negative.

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