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help needed for charisma generator


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I like George `s videos i was really getting amazing results with the  irresistible attraction and your are gorgeous  videos on YouTube. Recently, i have started to listen  to charisma generator sessions and things got worse..i have lost all the attention from the people and i have started to feel insecure and down. i feel that i am having adverse effect. I usually listen to 1 or 2 sessions sexual energy and social magnetism  at nights before i fall asleep. am i doing something wrong? is this normal?

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Do you focus on strong visuals before listening?


Are you keeping a journal, and specifically looking for results?


The YT vids are a bit "easier" use as you get conscious feedback. Meaning you can kind of "cheat" by not specifically creating an intention, since the voices are somewhat decipherable.


The CG is 256 voices, so you may need to listen to them a bit differently. Stronger intention, clear, SPECIFIC pictures, etc.


AND journal everyday.

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When you journal, here's how to do it so you don't feel let down.


At the end of every day, write down anything that happened THAT DAY that indicate progress. The idea is to look back at EVERYTHING and find evidence. If you come up with specific evidence you want before the day starts, then it's easy to get discouraged. 


Then write down a few things you might see OR DO the next day to keep moving forward.


Be sure to write down things that are congruent with your experience. You expect too much too soon, it's easy to get discouraged.


Consistent forward moment is the most important thing.

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Thank you for the advise and explanation. I will start my journal today..I just expected faster results that i got earlier from your YouTube channels. I have been focusing on more sexual energy and social magnetism sessions.  I have also purchased massive social confidence program but I am not working on it yet. What is the difference between them? can I work on these 2 program together?  I also have charismatic presence subliminal as well .

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Take your time going through them. There's no rush. The MSC program has three kinds of subliminals, as well as a manual. Be sure to read through the manaul and do the exercises. You can combine them very well, just TAKE YOUR TIME and be sure to journal every day, ideally twice, first thing in the morning and last thing at night.

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Also, with charisma gen, or anything, give it time. 

Sometimes I get results faster than others.

But to reassure you, I DID get some results from charisma generator.


I think, well, you have both products, GREAT, you have TWO sets of fantastic tools, go play.  But, yes, take your time with.  

And enjoy :-)

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