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Need some advice on taking care of myself

Sarah Rose

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I'm usually the last person on the list that gets cared for.  When it comes to others, I have no problem dropping whatever I am doing to run off and take care of them.  However, often I will skip meals and sleep and not care for myself.  I don't know what this is related to as I don't think that I have ill feelings toward myself.  I just feel overwhelmed with time burdens and put myself last as that is most convenient.  Now, this is starting to wear on my health and sleep patterns.  I would like some advice on how to correct this mode of thinking so that I can put my own well being first so that I'm at my best for my family.  After all, if I am feeling run down, then who will take care of them? 

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Part of your need to focus on others has to do with not wanting to disappoint or be rejected.  You should value yourself more and work to build your own positive self image so that you are not exhausted by trying to meet so many demands.  If you are not well cared for, then how can you be expected to care for others?  Take time to say positive daily affirmations that bolster your self worth.  Remember that many others are depending on you, so you need to be in peak form.  This does not simply involve doing more for others but staying healthy so that others can rely on you in an emergency. 

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Above all things love respect yourself your needs your boundaries, self discipline leads to self respect ,which leads to true empowerment of the soul.

Do not be a slave to anyones expectations of you or you will self destruct burn out physically mentally spiritually , those who fall away from your life when you stop doing everything for them are not worthy of you anyway, just my view is all . :D

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