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Subliminals During Sleep


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Hey Sakima,


Totally effective. You can see the proof on my success stories thread. 

Works with or without headphones, just make sure you've got a good speaker. Try not to have it too loud, you don't need to hear phrases for it to work.


The subliminals work well in sleep because you're already at a very suggestible state once your brain dips into that dreamlike state.

Your critical mind won't even be awake so it allows them to soak right in.


The best way to use the track is to set a powerful visualization intent as you sleep or close your eyes.

Imagine what you want from this track, how would it make you feel? How would others feel about you?

And then just surrender to it. Allow it to define and program you. Give it permission.


You may want to review the affirmations list before and/or after as well. Or not. Imagination about what you want out of it is just as good.

I've listened to a track going in and out of sleep on a plane before. The days I've touched down since have shown it works wonderfully.


Good Luck!


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