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What Is The Most Effective Form Of Learning?


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Today, I would love to know what are some of the best ways you've discovered works for you in terms of rapidly learning anything...


Personally, I seem to work well by jotting down taking down notes, speaking the words aloud, and slowly reading whatever it is I am reading. I try to use as much as I can to make sure the memory gets fully absorbed and easy to retrieve for another time.


This way of learning I'd say is "high quality" in the sense that I can pretty much copy and learn anything I want. However, the drawback to this style is that it may take me longer compared to other styles of learning. 


So what I like to you ask, what helps you learn effectively either quickly or slowly doesn't matter. For example, I know of speed reading,  and while I have tried I notice that it isn't the most optimal form of learning. What it does do is help you retain the keywords in the fewest amount of time.


So yea, write down what you think works best for YOU...

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