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I Need Your Tips For Affirmations and Hypnosis Videos...


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Some of you probably know that I've been doing new affirmations and hypnosis videos down at my Youtube Channel.


I am curious if anyone have any suggestions for improving the quality of what I am doing.


Also, there is "dual induction" and I have not been able to figure out how to do that one, so if anyone knows how feel free to reply to me.


In addition, need some good background music for my videos. If you guys got any suggestions feel free to drop me a comment down below!



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I had no idea you had 11k subscribers. That's pretty impressive. 


I feel you should figure out brainwave frequencies. How they work, etc. Like what does 11.9 HZ really mean? etc. And by experimenting with those frequencies you can create sounds that alter mind body and soul. 


There's a bunch of videos on Youtube that deal with frequencies. Maybe y'all can collab. Like this dude does frequencies for body parts 

or that 


The real key I feel is imagination - and there's a lot of people that are in charge of building our world lack this. I feel like people have put down a lot of their dreams into the "fantasy" category. When more of those dreams become real and people start chasing those dreams the world will be A) Chaos and B) More interesting than any video game. 



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