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Questions you should be asking your beloved to keep them happy

Sarah Rose

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Here are some questions you should be asking of your romantic partner to ensure they are happy.


  • Am I being a good spouse (partner) to you?  This one might seem very basic, however it's important to get feedback on the other person's experience.  You might think that you are being a good spouse or life partner, while they view their own needs as being unmet.  Think of this as the feedback you would get on the job from your employer.
  • What are the ways you most experience or feel love from me or from what I do for you?  This reality check will help you understand from your partner's point of view, how/when he or she feels loved. 
  • What do you need from me right now?  It's important to stay in tune with what your partner needs now.  Your partner's emotional needs may have been different five years ago than today, so  you need to know what's going on with them now.  If things have changed, then you need to adapt your relationship strategy to help keep that person happy.  And, they should be do so  in return.

Suggest other relationship maintenance strategies that help keep love alive.

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Guest Beverly

What is your ideal of a perfect day?  This is an important question to ask for knowing how to plan the perfect vacation or date with your significant other.  By knowing what your spouse or partner considers to be the perfect day, you can easily orchestrate events that will please them on a special day.

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This is good stuff, all of it and thank you.  I think the top ones are more in an established relationship and yes I will do them when I next am!  I like the perfect day one too because I think it might help also in the dating process ;-) 

A way to come up with date ideas PERHAPS that both of us might love. 

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