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Want to be more outgoing but hate being constantly surrounded by people in daily life.


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 Some people have said to me that I need to "get out more" and it's true that I can be very introverted and almost hermit-y and then I get lonely.  And what I want is close friends and a boyfriend.  And part of manifesting that may be getting out there more.  Which I HAVE been doing more of, but I have also for the last few weeks, been working part time so I've had more me time too.


But for this week and next week, I have work every week day and in January I have a full time job (well, i get school hols though yay!) 


But I am surrounded with up to 30 little people a day and they can be VERY needy and need a lot of help and input plus there are adults, plus I commute.


Sometimes I really enjoy my commute.  I listen to uplifting things, type things on my phone and sometimes type notes from a book I am studying in a way.  But sometimes the commute is annoying.


Yesterday felt especially bad.  I had a person on either side of me who just wouldn't SHUT UP and even though I had my music on I could still hear both conversations.  I had to stand on the bus (I really HATE standing on public transport.) and people were brushing against me and part of me felt like grumpy cat and inside I felt like i was screaming at them "Get the F--- out of my FACE!"


I also have the kitchen next to my bedroom and although I've blocked out a lot of the sound through headphones sometimes I still hear sounds others make or they are just THERE. 


But I don't want to be like this.


Someone said to me, having a strong introverted side can be a good thing, including it can help you with writing and I agree.  


But I want to be able to (a) 

Somehow not be so adversely affected by crowds.  (One time, years ago, I left a shopping meal when I had been Christmas shopping cos I was sick of the crowds!)


But I want it to not even be an issue.  I want to be able to sort of filter it out.


I want to be not so drained by people and their energies.

I really want to be able to go out once a fortnight or even better once a week socially and ideally I'd have a date a week and also socialize once a week.


But it's hard when in my free time I want to hide from the world and hermit away as I'm so SICK of people everywhere.


But I really want to use Law of Attraction to change this.


I want to be extroverted in the sense that I get energy from people rather than feel like they are sucking the life force out of me, with their newspaper shuffling, slow potato chip eating or sipping, cell phone talking UGH. 


I am a bit of a highly sensitive person and although it is a gift in some ways, I actually want to be able to shield myself somehow from being so drained and annoyed by all of this.


I want to be more social.  I want to be more extroverted or be able to switch between the two modes.


But is that even possible, even with Law of Attraction??


Boy I really hope so.


Help me please.


I have lovely conversations and laughs and meet nice people when I DO go out socially.  And it's possible that I have a better chance of making close friends and meeting someone special that way.  Online dating is just NOT working for me and in fact, I think a lot of those guys might be introverts too, some too scared to even meet!


I want to be like people I know who are genuinely curious about people and really love them.


Being bombarded by them day in and out like this, sometimes I feel like I hate people.  I want to be able to switch my focus off crowdedness and go within and find peace.


Just...please, help.

I don't want my job to mean I don't have the will to keep polishing my social skills, good social skills are such a good thing to have.  


I'm more an ambivert, but my job is SO extroverted I've gone quite extreme introvert.


Please help me know HOW  to balance this out?


There are so lovely people out there and I really want to meet them and have the energy too.


I want to balance out my energy.

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I can tell you live in a big metropolitan city by the way you're describing your post. lol ... What I've found that worked for me are visualization and affirmations .. not subliminal but writing them out or verbally speaking them out for a period of time. Like "I enjoy being around people although I still have ample amounts of time for myself". It's better when you feel good when you say them. Take time out for visualization exercises where you see yourself in the company of good people enjoying yourself, or being happy energetic around the kids you tend to, then see yourself ... alone, peaceful, relaxed or whatever is your favorite pastime is. (remember to feel good while visualizing) Then take the two visions and merge them into one and say, I AM a ambivert! and you should have a clear definition of what an ambivert is.

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