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Matching, mirroring etc. in a group- how? Also NLP effects so far


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(I gotta think of a better title for that!) 


Oh, I have started to apply myself a lot more to practising what I know and what I am re-learning, plus any new NLP knowledge.  


I don't know why but I guess I saw NLP as a toolset I had to only use when I felt I really needed to and somehow, in a conversation with two people I chat to, I realised what I don't know WHY I didn't realise before.  To practise using NLP even when it's like a "low-investment" "low-risk" "unimportant" situation, so that when I DO want to get a result, I can naturally use NLP.  Does that make sense?  What I mean is, for example, I was thinking I'll match body language when I am with a potential good friend or boyfriend or superior at work.  But I would usually forget to DO this.  So, somehow, they've helped me to think no, I will practise this in MOST social situations and then when I am with a potential good friend, potential boyfriend or superior or whatever, I will probably - if I practise it enough - naturally do it without even having to think about it so much.  Or at least be a lot more competent in consciously doing so.


Anyway, this brings me to my question.  I HAVE been practising NLP more and I am mostly seeing good responses in terms of my general likeability.  As I said, I've also seen my likeability improve when I'm not doing it, through the Charisma and Luck programs.  


But what I'm not sure about is how to USE rapport in a group situation, when you are with a group of people.  I THINK I've got the idea, you match any body language more than one person is doing, you could also match one gesture from one person, then another from someone else.


I guess I just wondered if this is how matching/mirroring/micro-matching is done in a group situation?  Any tips?


I'm also gonna be checking out Natural Influence and Internal Resonance.  Should be a fun journey! 



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Oh wow, great idea, George.  I didn't think of that but it makes a lot of sense.  

I guess the most dominant one would be the one who people seem to be listening to the most, responding the most positively to etc.

Thank you and this is a great idea.

I just saw this now.

Definitely going to be applying this!

It will be easier for me than matching this gesture from this person in the group, then that one from that person etc. 

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