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Presumptions and assumptions in Affirmations

Sarah Rose

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What role do presumptions and assumptions play in affirmations?   An assumption or presumption is basically the same as both times you are assuming a 'fact' or idea is true even without proof.  Essentially, a positive affirmation requires that leap of faith where you say something and speak it into being even without knowing ahead of time that it's even humanly possibly.  For instance, affirmations based on weight loss are often more of wishful thinking.  So how do you stay grounded in reality when writing your affirmations without dashing your hopes of positive outcome?

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Some things will never be possible.  For instance, I'm 5'1" tall and will never be taller, no matter how much wishful thinking I have.  However, I can always gain or lose five pounds based on my lifestyle and food choices.  I can take better care of myself when I am feeling fully rested.  All these things are within my control.  It's not wishful thinking to think that I have control over what goes into my mouth; when I sleep or even where I work as I'm the one making the choices about my education.  None of this is beyond my control

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