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What's the difference between file types???


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What's the difference between the two different files given with the subliminals and how to use them?

Example:  ExcersiseMotivation compared to ExerciseMotivation_P

Which would be better during sleep?

Thanks in advance.

Hello tim3981.


Welcome to Mind Persuasion.com. My name is Gerardo and I would love the honors of answering your question.


The file "ExcersiseMotivation" contains Theta binaural beats and is best used while sleep.

The other file does not contain Theta binaural beats and can be used whenever you would like to use them. Theta induces the state of mind where your mind is more open to Reprogramming and this means more exercise motivation for you FASTER.


" ExcersiseMotivation" is the stronger version of the two and can create powerful lasting changes sooner.

As mentioned above ExerciseMotivation_P contains no THETA and ONLY affirmations. The effects can be used at any time,yet,also,remember that they work a little more little slowly than the other one.


If you would like more supporting information please remember to check the Fitness Manual for more information.

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