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Natural Influence vs. Interpersonal Resonance


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It seems to me that Natural Influence and Interpersonal Resonance clash with each other ... I was using NI for about 2 weeks before I purchased IR and was literally persuading everyone to give me want I asked for, consciously or unconsciously .. Then I started to use IR and while people liked chatting with me more, it was much much harder to persuade them, then I got back a lil more resistance than I usually would with NI solo. I used both of them on daily basis, does anyone on the forum have any similar exp. with NI and IR butting heads, I like them both but it seems like Im gonna have to choose one over the other.

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I have both I THINK but haven't used much yet. However, I have an idea for you!

Also, how long do they seem to take for you to see these results btw?? Cos here's what I thought: what about using IR when going to

social events and if you see anyone you fancy or would like to network with later get their number. Use IR to get the contacts and DON't

try to influence them straight away. THEN when you want to ask them to meet to call/text/email whatever and set up a meeting or even

After a meeting is set up? Switch to the NI program before you meet them.

Use NI to get people, contacts in your "funnel" be that a sales/business etc funnel and or dating and or friendship and or sex funnel.

Use IR to make them more likely to be influenced by you.

I mean, that's just my impressions, based on what you have said?

So when used THAT way, maybe they would compliment each other rather than clash!

What do others here think?

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Pretty creative way to solve the problem, use the sub in the right circumstances ... I'll try that too, especially when I need to network, but I will primarily go with the cocktail approach for now ... Imagine the sub as ingredients in a cocktail I'll pour 2 shots of NI topped off with a strong dash of IR, something like that. I feel there are two different methods to get the same thing no matter what funnel I place them in .. like 70% of this and 30% of that you get the picture. Thanks for the concern Athena inquiring minds like mine wanna find the right trajectory to propel these subs into the subconscious for the greatest benefit.   

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Thank you!

I am going to be focusing on the LOA (Mental Alchemy) program for the next two months though there are a few others I want to do INCLUDING the two you are working with so please keep me posted on how this goes and also I'm really curious about the changes you have noticed already from these two programs, like you HAVE given some details but now I'm really curious to hear more! Try my suggested cocktail mix too and let me know how it goes!

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