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Should I do the CE Map with him? (If we can)


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Ok I have this I don't even know what to call him I guess benefits with friendship? But the

friendship is growing and there is a good connection there.

We chat about our day on the phone or text at times and when I said about my teaching job ending and

asked what are the things he does on the side - he's a type of lawyer but does other stuff too - he

mentioned this CE Map course, basically you learn to be a mortgage advisor/broker.

And he asked what if we split the course fee but paid for our own exams?

Now although I am smart & educated in my OWN right and have two diplomas and a degree,

he's real smart & I think he has a degree in law and a masters degree in computer science or something like that & when I asked he's said he'd help me study too.


So I have these reservations for a few reasons and I want your opinions please:

Well, it's not what I really want to do but if I could do it as a part time job and teach part time maybe I

could get more money & maybe some of that could go to what I do want to do

The new marketable skill set might build confidence

What if I can't get a job out of it? ALTHOUGH I have a banking contact and he has real estate ones (and I

know for a fact that he DOES have that.)

Will it be messy as he & I have this history - not just history there's still attraction & it turns out

we're still more than friends but he wants marriage and kids I just want a boyfriend that I THINK is why

we are not actually a couple (he actually is one of the guys who proposed to me about two-two and a

half years ago and he's dropped hints about long-term things before) but if we were studying and one of us DID meet someone else it might be

awkward and messy?

I could be spending the money on my side and NOT get a job doing this.

Or it might work out.

Like I said it's not what I really want to do career-wise but I don't know if it might be a bridge.

Or might it be an unnecessary distraction?

I dunno. Anyway he's away seeing family for a couple or few weeks and we will look more into this

and see if we are even ALLOWED to split the initial course fees and still take exams paying separately for those. Thoughts?

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This is actually pretty crazy because I started studying for my Loan Officer exam this past week, Haha. I don't know how it's in the UK, but it's super useful here. Whenever a homeowner starts complaining about banks and what they do, etc. I feel like I know a heck of a lot more now in terms of busting out all the suspect acts the bank carries out for profit. The banking institution generates the greatest conspiracy theories ever because they've been caught multiple times for fraud acts, etc.because it's in their best interest to take in as much profit from the homeowner as possible. 


The bank owns the earth itself. You cannot buy a house without a taking a loan from the infinite money supply that a bank has. Therefore this is a good certification to have and with this power you can help Homeowners out significantly. 


Now I don't know how you'll balance this with your teaching? What are your teaching goals and how much time will that take? How much time will your relationship take? And can you put in time on real estate even if you want to do it part time and do it consistently enough to make profits? But you've said job? Or do you plan on abandoning teaching completely in favor of real estate? Real Estate is massive in terms of possibilities. You can have apartments, homes, condos, land and even go commercial and hit office spaces, hotels, malls, etc. Within Real Estate you'll have to pick a specialty, like this loan exam you're speaking of. 


If you want to do this the challenge will be Time Management and figuring out if this makes sense with your goals in life. The certification/licensing process itself is valuable.


And if you do decide to commit to the Real Estate industry in UK let me know. Maybe someday years from now I'll expand internationally and we can partner up on deals. :D

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So I ran across this. Felt it might help - 



And since you were a teacher you might like it. A good teacher can make a good real estate professional, no doubt about it. 


It looks like you've got both actually - NLP information and Teacher experience. If you study for the loan exam, you'll have specialized knowledge as well. It might just be the career for you. 

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