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Required Help for using Intelligence Accelerator

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I have purchased "Intelligence Accelerator" and start practicing as well as reading IA.pdf guideline. I found the processes for memorizing information the pegging system.

Here also instructed  to make picture with the combination of "Action", "Pain" & "Sex". 

Also given some wonderful example regarding this issue. But when I try practically implement those processes I just can't do that properly. Actually no idea comes in my brain how I will relate my technical topics with "Action", "Pain" & "Sex". Can anybody please advise me some idea regarding that issue?


Consider following scenario:


Say there is a topic as follows:


Commonalities between HTTP Client and Web API

HTTP Client is a  network transfer protocol. It handles the communication between servers and clients. Http client represents the client side implementation and Web API represents the server side implementation. 

HTTP is uses to exchange requests and responses between client & server.  In that case

=>. In client side need to set the URI relative to server & Http headers and so on.

=>. On the other hand in the server side have to access the incoming request and understand what the client want. Client may want to create new data, retrieve existing data, update existing data, remove existing data or start another subsequent process such as sending an email.


Now my question is how I will relate it with "Action", "Pain" and "Sex" and make a real and remember able image of above topic. Can give any idea? I really confused. Please help me regarding the issue. 

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You need to  come up with your own visuals or it won't work. Just keep reading the description slowly, until and image forms based on YOUR own history and experiences.


Break it down into chunks.


What do you think if when you think "http"?


What do you think of when you think "web api?"


Visualize the concepts interacting with each other, see them like animated cartoons.


Think of each "element" as little people trading things or something.


For example, think of http as "Hate Pee"   and you can think of it as some guy with a really hateful look on his face peeing on everybody, and his name is "hate pee"




But that's the idea.


Just figure out a way to work all the elements together

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Thanks for your kind reply.

I have another question.


I want to become expert in "Discrete Mathematics, Data Structures, Algorithms analysis & design, Object Oriented Programming, Design principles & patterns, Web application development, Enterprise application development, Domain Driven Design, Test Driven Development, Behavior Driven Development, Service Oriented Architecture, Agile methodology with Scrum framework, Algorithmic problem solving, Software engineering related problem solving", so that I can become a great software architect.


Now my question is during listening Memory_2/Memory_8/Creative_2/Creative_8/Master_16 what shall I imagine?


To become expert in above mentioned subjects shall my imagination be as follows:

+. For mathematics I will imagine I am Solving Recurrence Relation, 

+. For Algorithms analysis & Design  I will imagine I am Solving Solving "Travelling Fisherman Problem",

+. For Design Principles I will imagine I am Designing program with "Open Closed Principle",

+. For Design Patterns I will imagine I am using "Factory Method Pattern" in my code

+. For Domain Driven Design I will imagine I am  Designing "Complex Domain Model", I am using "Ubiquitous language for domain analysis", using "Multiple Bounded Context", "Factory", "Repository", "Services" etc in my application

+. For Test Driven Development I will imagine I am "Unit testing of specific chunk of code"

+. For Behavior Driven Development I am using "Integration Testing" during integrate different part of my system etc.

or just I will imagine I am a great software architect who knows above mentioned everything and provide easiest and most optimized solution for any programming/software engineering related problems.


Actually I am confused regarding this issue. I don't know which one will most effective and beneficial for me. Which one of the above imagination will give me best result within quickest time? If any other process other than above are more effective please let me know. Please help me with your valuable advise.


Also please let me the procedure / routine of exercising/practicing the course that will give me the best result i.e. how I will practice the hypnosis and other exercises to get the best result?

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At some point you're going to have to just try something and see what happens. 


There is no EXACT, step by step method that will work for EVERYBODY, so I can't give you a SPECIFIC answer.


Try one of the recordings with one of the visualizations and see what happens. Take notes. Write down how you feel studying before, and how you feel studying after.


Identify what your own strengths and weaknesses are when studying, which subjects are easier to understand and remember and which ones are more difficult.


Go through the exercises in the book. Try to learn using some of them. Then choose one of the recordings and listen, then try and learn. Take notes. Keep repeating that process and eventually you'll  identify the best routine FOR YOU.


Only you can discover that, nobody can do it for you.


However, at the very minimum you should be doing Image Streaming for 5 minutes a day.

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Hello George

Thanks for your kind reply. I am little bit confused now. Sorry for irritating you again and again by posting questions. Please let me specifically know if I practice as follows:


1. Image streaming  : 10 minutes everyday 

2. Listen Creativity_8 : once everyday (with full attention)

3. Listen Master_16  : once everyday (without paying any attention)

4. Listen DIH_Creativity : (with full attention)

5. Listen Creativity_2, Memory_2 each night during sleeping


During listening Creativity_8 and DIH_Creativity I will imagine that 

+. I am solving mathematical equations

+. Complex algorithmic problems

+. Write optimized and object oriented production level code with object oriented design principles & design patterns.


Please advise me about my visualization i.e. what I will imagine during listening Creativity_8 and DIH_Creativity . I am confused about what and how I will imagine during listening Creativity_8 and DIH_Creativity.


Sorry to asking this question again because from your above answer I am not clear about my visualization i.e. what I will visualize / how I will visualize. I really can't figure whether I will visualize each subject individually /all subject at once / visualize I already became a software architect. Please help me to figure out my visualization content.

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Imagine seeing PROOF that  you can do whatever you want to do.


Until you have more experience, it's better to start with smaller chunks (shorter term goals) and work  your way up. Start with each subject individually, or even smaller parts within each subject. START SMALL and when it become easier, work your way bigger.


Whatever that means to you. Be creative. See a test with a passing mark. See a textbook, imagine flipping through it and feeling as if you know and understand everything.


Specifically, for creativity, imagine what  you think means "being creative." 


TRY ANYTHING even if you aren't sure it will work. Then journal, then reflect, then try again.

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