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How do you keep affirmations from sounding judgemental?


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The whole point of an affirmation is to sound and be positive; to encourage and uplift the spirit rather than judging it.  However, for some subjects such as weight loss, it's hard not to get judgmental on the self, especially when it comes to not binging on favorite foods. 

What are some ways that I can positively word a positive affirmation about weight loss without it sounding judgmental to my mind or heart?

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You should focus on self loving rather than loathing statements such as:


I love my body

I always make the best food choices for my body

My food choices nourish my body, mind and spirit so that I have energy for my day

I breathe in happiness


Just keep your words positive and light and focus on happy sentiments rather than judgmental criticisms of your personal eating or exercise habits.

Over time, you will notice a happy change in your eating habits that comes about naturally and without much effort as your brain begins to refocus to conform to your expectations.

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