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video request for developmental stammering/stuttering.


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hi George Hutton. i suffer from developmental stammering since 9 years old.i have slight emotional trauma when i have block when i speak. blocks and stammering vary depending on social situation.i avoid most of the situation because of this.i going to buy interpersonal resonance which i need badly. can u recommend any techniques for stammering. i feel like i have emotional block when i am going to speak in my stomach specially when i have to be assertive.

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Take your time, a big mistake is to rush too much, kind of like all the people that start off exercising like gangbusters on new year's only to quit a couple of weeks later.


Go through the books, take notes, start doing some of the exercises. Most important is to build a consistent daily habit. Then once you've established that in your routine, keep building on it.


You've got enough now to keep busy for a good while, so keep at the mental exercises and the sessions, and PRACTICE daily.


Post back in a few week's, or start a blog here and keep us posted on your weekly progress. See this as a long term commitment to permanent change.

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