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What are the best affirmations for better sleep?


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I am having trouble sleeping lately and would appreciate some of your best affirmations for getting a more restful night's sleep.  Now, I get only about three to four hours sleep (after struggling to sleep for a few hours) and then wake up suddenly with my mind racing.  I'm currently worried about some family life situations so maybe this is contributing to my insomnia and lack of good sleep.  I just want to be able to rest well so that I can face the situation head on with clear mind.  Some help on this matter would be appreciated.

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These work for me and you might want to give them a try.


My positive affirmations for better, more restful sleep.


I am releasing my stress and breathing calmly now

I am feeling at peace with my day and my mind is resting

I deserve to feel this peaceful

(all this said while lying down with eyes closed in a meditative state)

I feel relaxed and at peace

My muscles are perfectly relaxed

I release the tensions of my day and allow my mind to rest (especially important if I've had a stressful event during the day that won't leave my mind alone)

I am feeling sleepy


You can modify these or make up your own.  Just feel free to experiment with your affirmations to find that ones that elicit the most powerful response.

Skylar Lake @ https://windows10geek.com


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