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I already purchased "Natural Influence" and its working wonders for me already ... and I dig it, but I was curious to know what was the big difference between Natural Influence and Interpersonal Resonance, as I read up on it, they both seem to deal with persuasion.

The second thing was the 5 min. subliminals on SoundCloud and Vimeo are they the same as the subs you purchase for 5$, just wanted to know ?

(P.S. I also do my daily journal)

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$5 subs are an hour long, without music.


They also come with and without theta entrainment, so you can mix them.


Natural Influence contains the basic structure of persuasion.


Interpersonal Resonance addresses inner and outer "game" of BOTH parties.


It's got at least 25 daily exercises to improve both inner and outer game AND to help you improve the "inner game" of the person you are talking to.

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