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More than one subliminal


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I read many of the threads on here discussing listening to more than one subliminal at a time, most members state that you shouldn't do it, that it takes  too much time because Im spreading everything out, that I'm slowing the manifestation of whatever I want, well I feel thats inaccurate ... Mr. Hutton programs for ex. he'll have 6 sessions you can use some are 256 voices each but then he combines all of the and makes one with 1750 voices ... so doesn't that prove that more subliminals at once are MORE powerful and reduces time ? ( then he states if you wanna accelerate the process listen to all of them at once "for more experienced users") ... I still get results when I use more than one subliminal on the same day. I just wanted some feedback from experienced users who've tested and experimented with these subliminals like I have. Getting the most powerful experience in the least amout of time with all the benefits.

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Eh. I've been through this thought line when I began my journey as well. 


Really, the only thing that is POWERFUL is the actions you take, the decisions you make, and the experiences you live out as a result of them. Whatever subs you can mismash and combine to get you out there and going is the sub that will generate long term results. 


It doesn't matter if you slash 1000 voices together. I Have tried this - it really doesn't.... your mind's very good at convincing it does, though, and it will force you to spend infinite time on that magic pill to protect its ego. It's also great at making your life hell, that is why people have picked solving one area at a time. 


So I saw your goal is to build a harem. The most powerful thing you could do, that will actually last, forever, is you go out, approach some 10-20 women, and journal down what you could improve on. And after that, listen to your affirmations, rinse, repeat, for at least a full year. So If I use your affirmations right away, and say I have this, and that, and this, and that... your mind will take you there, but unfortunately, if you have no experiences, it'll crumble, 'cause in reality you have no idea how you would go about doing that. There's no process mindset in those affirmations. 


So you'll get a smile from the girl, invitation to approach, etc. you may even have one good interaction due to a temporary boost in confidence, but you take it off and realize you don't have it the following day. It was a temporary pill. You didn't work through whatever your real anxieties may have been and put it away forever. And then your mind goes WELL WHAT NOW, I don't have THIS PART HANDLED, and I STILL NEED A WELL PAYING JOB.  


Life has too many complexities and nuances and detail for you to handle all at once. You need concrete solutions that last, and not instant gratification. 


Plan out your life strategy now, listen to hypnosis that forces you to take the right actions, build the right habits, and then get moving. 

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I get it take action so I can get experience which makes sense ... but I thought if I listen to these everyday for a month or so it'll be permanently ingrained in my sub-conscious ... you say a temporary pill if I only use it for one day but what about if I use it everyday ? what then ?

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You can do it for a thousand days. 


Let's say you have an affirmation that says you sleep with women all the time. 


For the most part, you'll find yourself irritated, because you have no idea what to do with situations you will attract. You can get off something lucky, sure, but nothing that lasts... because you simply don't know what to do in the situation. It's like getting hired for a high paying job and not having any of the qualifications required to be there. You won't last very long. Imagine getting the perfect reaction you want. purely by the energy you're projecting.. and being mostly clueless. 


Worse, your subconscious might make you dream you screwed a woman as a way of making that affirmation come true. 


Don't jump to the end because it won't last. Take it step by step by step, because that's the only way to make things last. I am saving you a year, possibly more... do it this way, it's guaranteed to last. 


And lastly, have some sort of willpower ritual by the side to keep your mind and thoughts under control, or they'll get out of hand very quickly. 

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OK, but (and by the way I find this discussion FASCINATING, both your points of view!)

With the approaching, chatting, reviewing, what if you're not SURE what you're doing wrong with them though?


I'm sorta throwing my hands up in the air and putting men in the "too hard basket" at the moment to re-visit later but 

sometimes I don't KNOW where I'm striking out with them, what I'm doing wrong.  Sometimes I do, I mean, I had this date - recently, like not yesterday but the Saturday before last - where the guy rubbed his eye a lot - though he was hungover! - and I kept saying to myself oh my God! that is supposed to be a body language sign for see no evil, he thinks I'm ugly as HELL even though there WERE OTHER POSITIVE body language signs too including eyes fixated on me and a BIG smile on his face and i don't know whether somehow that inner dialogue seeped into my OWN body language, tone, whatever.  Or it could have been a number of other things.


At the moment I SWEAR dream sex would be perfectly fine ha ha ha

I would love to have a dream when the guy says "Oh wow I'm so lucky I get to be having sex WITH YOU!" and the guy is really hot.

Damn it I WANNA have THAT dream, Light.


And when i wake up and it was just a dream, WHO CARES.

I got laid, he was was super attracted and super hot.

And no real negative backlash.


At this point, dream sex?





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Anyway, I digress.


I don't know about mixing multiple subs but one thing against that is the multiple voices is STILL on the same TOPIC though, whereas multiple subs would be on DIFFERENT topics.  So there's a big, big difference between the two.


In theory.


Doesn't mean it wouldn't work, Sakima.  I don't know either way.  It might and if it does I WANNA KNOW!

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