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Attaining the Qualities of another Person

Shaun Hutton

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Hello George and Everybody,


I have a question regarding attaining the qualities or composite qualities of a few people.


This question is inspired by Hill's cabinet/council idea.


Suppose my role model is Mr ABC, or suppose I have a few role models, would the following affirmations actually work?




I possess the speed of Mr. ABC in his prime.


I have the intelligence of Mr. XYZ in his prime.


I have the qualities of Mr. JKL in his prime.


I am as fast as as Mr. ABC ever was.


I am as successful as Mr. EFG ever was.


Thank you.





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Grettings Shaun. I would like to point something out in your request. When you try to be like someone else you stop being you to an extent.

many times people grow up thinking, "I want to be just like MR or Miss/Mrs x y or z". We think these people have perefct lives. Unfortunately this isnt usauly the case.


As we watch others that we think are super great, we tend as humans to get tunnel vision. Meaning we see only what we wish to see. In reality we are missing the bad things In these people lives as well.


When I say "missing" I mean consiously. Subconsiously we do see many of this things. We take these thing in as well.


This is why in my humble opinion that one should strive to be the best person they can be, instead of the best someone else is. This why the affirmations should read in my opinion:


I possess super speed.  or  I am super fast in all things I do.


I am super intelligent.


I am super successful in all things.


All of the above applies directly to you and not someone else so that you can be the best "YOU" there is. I hope this helps.

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