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Luck Activator Problems for Lottery


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I've been using the Luck Activator for a month or two trying to enhance my luck for winning a local lottery which is held regularly three times a week. 


I mostly listen to the subliminals at night. At the beginning I listen to each one of the individual subliminal and recently I almost do the master mix. Sometimes I do write the luck journal & miracle questions, as well as visualisations of winning the lottery.


I experience a constant increase of luck in all aspects of my life but which I did not intended and visualised much. The Luck Activator actually works out quite well as of other subliminals I've used, such as Da Vinci Brain, natural singer and Limitless. 


However, I feel that the level of my luck is still inadequate to win a lottery or its second or third prize, as I've never get even the last prize of the lottery, even tho I've been buying lottery tickets regularly. 


May I have George and all of your suggestions as to how to accelerate and secure the luck in such aspect? Is it that my luck level is simply not enough so that I should continue to listen to the Master Mix for further results? Or should I add anything else such as the so-called paraliminals (paraliminal with video)?


I've bought the Lottery Winner and Luck subliminals as well but not used as frequent so.

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you should keep listening for 6 months at least, 2 months is not that much, we're talking about reprogramming, if you tell yourself to stop because it might not work, it means that you have a lack of faith, you should never give up because what you're expecting will happens one day or another, HOPE is a positive emotion and a booster, keep it up, never give up!


Oh and dont forget ... about that, you've choosen the most "difficult" program, because the way you've been raised and the truth taught about "luck" and "money" are hard to move and change, more difficult than, by example, improve vision sight or self confidence, that are "more" easy to improve. So it might take more times, naturally. I think that you can complete it with Unlimited faith & believe.

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With this kind of thing it is easier to train a skill in gambling/poker. There are many magical tricks to make a living off of the casino (if that was truly your aspiration). Lottery winning is not impossible but it's a lot of work, and by that time you might as well pursue a career interest. 

- Light

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