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Richard Bandler's Guide to Trance-Formation - Thoughts? And Frogs?


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This book was recommended to me to help me build on my hypnosis knowledge - also as Richard Bandler is one of the co-creators of NLP, there MIGHT be some NLP things in there too (I don't know yet) and I am just wondering, esp. as I know some of you fellow forum members also have an interest and knowledge in hypnosis, NLP or both as do I.  SO I thought I'd post here and ask, this isn't a recommendation because I haven't read the book yet - but I will - it's a question about for those of you who have read it, what do you think of the book? Do you find it helpful? 


I have someone I can discuss things in the book with, which is helpful because in some of the reviews it sounded like it might not be the easiest to...digest?


I also wondered if anyone has read another book by Richard Bandler and I THINK it was written by Grindler too (the other NLP co-founder) called Frogs into Princes and what you think of THAT book?


I just have the Trance-formation one now and one at a time is easier to read and start soaking up the knowledge.


I DID read on some reviews that there can be a LOT of self-praise in it and promotion (I actually had a galpal say that - even though she thinks Bandler is awesome and recommended another book by him, which I have and liked - that yes he CAN be like that and abrupt so I will probably roll my eyes in parts!  But I think it's pretty cool to be reading a book by one of the co-founders of NLP and as someone who has NOT had any opportunities to practice at ALL it's great to have a chance again to practice and discuss with others! 


It's not everyone's cup of tea though, some of the reviewers HATED it and I'm sure some people thought it was just OK.  So, I'm just curious if anyone here has read it (now I almost feel like that's a pun on the frogs book!) and or the Frogs book and what you think of them, how you found them?

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