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The Lucid Takeover: A Journey to the Good Life

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"into a frame of "jesus look at them, you can't compete with that."


I live in a city of beautiful women.

And even though I have been called beautiful, hot and sexy myself (I don't know why, sometimes I see it but

sometimes I think I'm pretty average) sometimes I feel that same way "I can't compete with that!"

Here's some things that sometimes help:


Firstly some things are subjective. Not just looks though that's a prime example. I was talking to my sort of

Skype mentor about Angelina Jolie and he was basically like don't see what the fuss about her is about. Whereas I

think she's gorgeous. Me I don't get the Brad Pitt thing. I do a bit but only a bit.


But also music can be subjective. Yes there's talent. But also what music style people like can be so subjective.

Like different genres or songs. Some love em some hate em. I HATE country & western as a rule. Don't like Happy

Hardcore (though like some French techno songs) some people adore this and hate reggae and 80s music which I

Like. There may even be people who hate Classic rock, although I find that hard to believe ha ha!


So I want to point this out to you on the looks, but also the muso side!


My own voice is vegemite. People seem to love it or hate it.

I've been told please do the world a favour and stop singing and I've also heard why aren't you on X factor? And

please do more songs I love hearing you sing!


Ok what else?


I was chatting to that Skype mentor and we talked about states - I know what states are and

frames is similar though different but I think I know how this might apply.


(Dare I say it, there is also a frame-control product on here.)


Ok so anyway we talked about when DID I feel a resourceful state and what was it like how did it feel where did I

feel that in my body stuff like that to sort of reactivate the state. I wonder if some of that could also be used to change a



I think yeah for some of us at least we step forwards backwards but overall we grow yet we just have our setbacks and

doubts along the way.

YES your honesty is really appreciated!!!

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Did you miss me, Subliminal Family?


I'm doing fine. I just took a bit of a break off this forum because I has so much college work and other stuff to do.

honestly, I felt so lost. I had so much work to do it was overwhelming. I couldn't practice. I couldn't work out. I couldn't do much at all but just cram school work. The year is ending and I felt down. I felt like Ive made such little progress. 


I talked it over with someone I trust very much. Of course, I was shown how much things I really did do in the span of a year and they were valid. So I took the time off to do something very important t o me .


I planned the next year in terms of goals n business. leading up to 2018. That's right. The new year begins RIGHT NOW in terms of work. Actually it begins officially Monday since I do have more things to tie up. I do have a business model plan I'm building for my own personal goals. I've been networking (and somewhat getting closer to that girl that I gave my number to, heads up, we've been getting along very well). I have not forgotten the lessons I learnt through social magnetism. And now I'm geared up for my new plan, my new model. My new massive action plan.


Honestly, everything I need is here for me. So I'm very confident for the future. 2016 was a massive year of transformation for me, even before I came into this community. With the help of George Hutton, Athena, Jerry and everyone else on here I've been evolving my own beliefs, understanding and what have you. But the end of 2016, where a lot of fundamental change began, is only the beginning of my journey. The gears and wheels churned slowly . It was just a taste. A Protoype. The universe was saying "here s a little bit. here's a little bit. yeah. you can do this and that. here's what happens when you do. feels good huh? keep going. have some more." 2017 will be the year of work and industry. of networking. Of advancement and of more evolution.


So that's what I have planned. 


But yes, I'm back!

I'll be starting my Charisma Generator journey again, and I'll be putting all my thoughts here. Especially for those with the program that would like some insight into my own thoughts.



Glad to be back! 

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Well, I am really glad you are back and I've just had a quick read of your latest posts.  I'm sure you've seen the picture about how success is not always a straight line up but instead it can seem to loop around, even go backwards at times, but there IS also and mainly momentum and progress.  You are DEFINITELY making this. 


Yeah there is really so much fantastic stuff to explore here.


I want to explore fitness one too at some stage. There's a ton of stuff i want to work on.


I had an idea here for creativity which is just - hey one thing at a time OK? - but at some stage, I wonder if the IA program might help as it deals with memory and creativity.

I haven't explored it a lot myself only a tiny bit but it's weird how THE song that seems to somehow help me feel more creative in a way is on there.


I think it's great about the walking and the girl asking your number and just everything you've experienced really.




Hey, I so recommend Charisma Generator.  


I think I'm still feeling the benefits.

I haven't added this to my journal yet but I feel so different socially from that person who contacted people and had 12 out of 14 ignore me.

Last night, I went to this meetup event and this girl was friendly to me.  (I also think a guy there might have been giving me the eye!) and she invited me to sit with her group who were friendly and welcoming to me but then the organiser asked me to sit with another girl who had just arrived to start making a new group.  (At this event we were in groups of 4) 

Two guys arrived later.  Overall, I feel like I got on well with people last night.  I used some NLP I know on one of the guys, just for likeability, not for anything more.  But I could just tell that the other people were just friendly and welcoming to me straight away.  So I DO feel like something has shifted. 

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Heads up for everyone since I began Fitness Accelerator. I've lost 11lbs of fat. I drink water like a fish. And I've made my way to ovo-lacto vegetarianism (still eating fish though). 

I've been SO busy these days that I havent gotten much time to even post on here. 


Guess that's a good thing, huh?

I've been working on Income Stream Generator very lightly. Just the master mix whenever I get the time and maybe some individual tracks. Which isn't often.

But I believe my own charisma and law of attraction helps me greatly. I've found a few new friends that I can call genuine. A new partner in business where we can help eachother succeed big time. This guy, I think we can go somewhere big together. We encourage each other and sharpen eachother.


On top of that, I've found so much networking potentials as of late. I feel the Stream Generator and Charisma Generator compound into eachother to be honest. New partners, I'm beginning to gather up a web of people and resources. 


I totally agree Athena. With everything you said. My mantra, even if things happen in a loop, is "No matter what, I'm going to make it." Often times a loop maybe have gotten you more experience and more insight anyways.


Image Streaming

George turned me on to the idea of image streaming, which is something I'm deeply looking into. If anyone has anything to say in terms of information and insight, drop some wisdom on me, baby~


I wanted to end this post with something of a thank you note to all you readers. 

I really am so grateful for the love from people like Athena and Jerry. 

And George too!

Ah yes, and Renato. I see you read and like quite a bit on here. I feel your support! 


Thanks Family,


Till Next time



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Greetings Subliminal Family,


Have you ever felt a feeling that something big and good was about to happen?

This isn't just a pre-New Year 2017 post. I've been feeling this way for a while now. 


I'll be back and around for the New Year, and this journal will be in full-throttle again.

I've just been incredibly busy, but now that my projects will be continuing regardless of the hurdles that come my way, I just figured I'd stop by here. 


Things have been going well. But I get the feeling that 2017 will be a year of complete evolution. I've got big plans going on and lot's of self-confidence in what I can pull off. I look forward to seeing you all in my next post. 


I can't remember if I've posted this before on this thread, but I feel like 2016 was a year of resources and fundamental tools falling into place for me to make a big leap into my dreams and passions. Wheel's were turning, prototypes were made. 2017 is going to be a year where the wheels spin at full speed into the future and coming years.


Happy Holidays,  Subliminal Family


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Hello, Subliminal Family


My first day back at journaling and back at some full-throttle good-life-living-dream-chasing-aspiring goodness.


I just returned back to my apartment a few days ago. Actually, I have a weird story to tell. On the plane ride I decided to listen to some of George's 

subliminals. So I whipped out my Social Magnetism playlist and played Sex Energy. Why? Because I wanted to. I was bored and this was the most entertaining way to pass the time. Thinking about sex. Yep. 


Anyways, since landing I've been getting a TON of sexual attention. Like, a lot. I of course did a lot of visualization and what not. Played some music. Whatever I was just passing time. And it's not like I dont get a lot of sexual attention to begin with. I've got a few friends with benefits and we help eachother out. I was supposed to link up with one once I got back to my place (yeah, after a day of travelling, Lucid you dog!). She flaked. A little frustrating but it wasnt her fault she had unexpected work. 


But then someone else hit me up, and we did link up. She came over and, well I don't need to go on.

And then someone else messaged me. We talked over text for a while. And I wasnt even trying to get anything done. I was just being friendly and she goes "Shit you're sexy as fuck". "You got me so horny right now". Pictures ensued. 

And then someone ELSE messaged me and invited me to her place (which, by the way, I'm going today).  

I'm not trying to brag. These are just true stories. I've noticed that these subliminals get me massive sexual attention, as in it's easier to find and seduce people. Or well, people just want me. 


Not a problem. I don't complain.


Anyways, for those who may have forgotten I'm a musician. Singer. Songwriter. Poet. Piano-player.

I'm using

Charisma Generator: Self explanatory. Life is a game of charisma. Comfort infront of people. Crowds, Distant Folk, Inner Circles, PeopleI interact with.

Self Confidence: For mental strength and determination

Income Stream Generator: For $, Networking, Investors, Friendships etc 

Fitness Accelerator: Help me get the body I'd like. For confidence, health and endurance. 


This year i've developed a systematic plan to run through these and install these beliefs in myself totally all throughout 2017. 

I'm planning to truely systematically milk these programs and get more than my money's worth.



Fun Fact: One of my pieces have been chosen to be published by a magazine. A very personal poetry piece. 


I'm also beginning to write for my newest album and I'm taking this year to write, learn, train and network before mixing and producing.

I usually don't talk about my personal projects to the public, but I'll put that out there since this is a safe place. 


Another story

I couldnt stop raking in complients as I went home. Specifically about my weightloss. (Fitness Generator, anyone?)

I definitley felt a certain level of charisma. Although it's been a while since I reinforced the subliminals. I could definitley feel the fruits of those beleifs there somewhere. The glimmers I can see in people's eyes when they talk to me. You feel like youre standing out in the crowd. Like a shining diamond. 


So here's to 2017.

Your year

My year

Our year

To take everything we know and bring it to the next level.  


Your Soul-Brother


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Subliminal Family


So today I stand here on the beginning of 2017.

Today, all the wheels are stopping. We're not moving.

Because I'm changing the oil, tires and putting gas in there.


You see, reading Light's thread made me think of something important.

What is the purpose?

Yes I know it generally, but over time even though I've written it down and I'm still madly in love with what I do..

For some reason, I'm afraid of the burn out.

I'm in this weird space where..I'm not burnt out. But I don't feel the fire under my ass like I used to.

But when I do what I need to do, I fall in love all over again.

It's just doing it is the issue.


What could it be...

I'll take a moment to re-assess my purpose and what brings me happiness.

What all of this means.

I mostly want to be set on fire again.

So today I'm sitting down with myself and looking for that fire.


Sometimes I just think of it like this.

"Who gives a FUCK if I cant find the fire or whatever the hell that means. I'mma do it anyways and tear it the fuck up. I am the fire. I'll make it myself."


But truly I guess there's two sides to the coin.

Either way, that's what today is. More coming soon,



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There’s no Magic Pill. Just you, and whatever you need to do.


I honestly believe there’s a mental slavery going on in the motivational, self-help industry that hooks people up to the need to “be motivated” or “be inspired” to do things. Which keeps people reading and buying products to try and cultivate an experience, keep them rosy-shades on and keep them coming back when they need another hit. Most importantly, it keeps you from your actual dreams, and makes you come back. Whether intentional or not, it’s destroying your spirit. It really is. I don't know how else to explain it.


Disclaimer, I don't believe George is in on this loop of manipulation. For a few reason. Regardless. I’m going to declassify everything I’ve learnt thus far on my self-improvement dream-realization journey. And below I’ll outline in LARGE SPECIFICS, my life happiness and what it is I’m here for.

You see, I’m turning a new leaf. This time, I’m cutting ALL the bullshit out. And also. If you don’t like explicit language, these posts won't be for you. I may come across as passive aggressive. Because this is not only a letter of waking YOU up, it’s also waking MYSELF up to our own mental-slavery tendencies. This isn’t a conspiracy thread. This is a collection of posts of my own learning. Everything I learnt about myself thus far will be compiled into the next few posts.

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First, Some Things You Must Understand

Inspiration is a Myth

Motivation is a Myth

And You have been lied to

By your charismatic gurus

And by yourself

Don’t wait for inspiration or motivation

Keep a vision

Keep a purpose

Keep an intent

Keep an action plan


DON’T wait for motivation

Just do it.


Action trumps motivation

Action trumps ego boosting or self-assuring flattery

Action trumps wanting to move your ass only when you feel good


Self-help (including this subliminal community) culture tends to talk too much about what it is

Stop writing so much about it and do it.

Mind you, I didn't say all mental processes and programs are evil or bad.

The question is, are you looking to make yourself feel good and better or are you results focused and action oriented.

You can meditate in your room and spend hours online looking for good vision board pictures. And then go to bed to your favorite track, wake up tomorrow and feel like the skinniest, most beautiful, most charismatic and talented person in the world. You can do that forever really. But wait 3 weeks and see what's changed and happened objectively? Nothing.


It’s not talking about it that makes it feel good

It’s doing it every day that makes it feel good.

So get up and dance then. Walk the walk.

You know it. It’s in your heart.

Just get up and do it then.

You’ll always have someone to catch you if you fall.

And if you do don’t wait to be comforted or for motivation or to feel good

Get the fuck up even when you don’t feel like it and do it.


So remember when I said: "Who gives a FUCK if I cant find the fire or whatever the hell that means. I'mma do it anyways and tear it the fuck up. I am the fire. I'll make it myself."

Yeah. My point remains:


"FUCK waiting for the universe, inspiration or whatever the fuck outside source you’re waiting for to help you out and do it. If it’s not inside you, it won’t matter anyways. You need your own fire".


Do you not understand? You've sold your need to feel good and do something essential to you-chase your dreams-to the whims of feeling good in order to do it.

Does it not matter you more than needing to feel a spark and fire to do something?

If it matters, you should do it regardless.

You've become a slave to the whims of needing an outside source or something to happen to feel good, which compels you to do things.

I bet sometimes when you feel great and motivated, you STILL don't do what you said you'd do.

Do you?

Do you see the loop of slavery now?

Does that make you angry or determined?


Point is I don't care how it makes you feel.

And you shouldn't either.

The only thing that you should care about is liberation from this norm.

And how to get it back. Which is easy.

Because you "sold your need to feel good" to yourself.

You are your own slave. And your own master.

So doing this is easy.

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What you actually need

The Possession of a Beast

A Possessed Purpose

A genuine purpose.

A "This is it" purpose and mentality.


You know how pit bulls lock their jaws on their targets and can't let go?

You think he's waiting for his target to inspire him?

"Well if you could just stand in a certain way and expose that one part of your body, I'd be able to bite"

Or does a beast relentlessly chase it's target down, and beat it down until it's soaked a solid bite into it.

Namely, dont wait for everything.

"But good things come to those who wait"

"That's what people who want to keep you don't say while they take the lead"

I'm not saying things don't take time. But if you're waiting to take immediate action for something. You get it, right?


What do I mean by this.

Everything you want in life, I can guarantee you these two these

1) You don't have it

2) You think having it would bring you happiness


Now sit down, meditate, listen to some subliminal affirmations.

Don't do much, okay?

Spend a few days on your vision board.

And wait for the universe to bring it to you

Remember, as long as you feel good somehow, it'll happen.

God life it great. Your dreams are about to come true any moment now!

And if it doesn't, you're doing it wrong.

Remember, you need to feel the inspiring flow of the universe inside you in order to take action.

It's not valid until that happens.

Rinse. Repeat if desired.

Dont forget to buy my new book, CD set and listen to my seminars on youtube. See you in 6 months with minimal improvement.


You'll see "charismatic" "happy" "rich" gurus repackage some sort of ideal like this. 

This creates the mental slavery loop I'm talking about.

Keep you stuck in your same old, unhappy life.

Keep you blissfully unaware.

And keeps their pocket full and your dependency on them raving.


Remember nothing's bad about feeling GOOD.

But remember feeling good is a chemical substance produced in your body.

Could it be that this is the drug they've hooked you on, and their material is your preferred way to get it?


This is what you need to do



Have a very specific RESULT, Outcome.

Have a specific PURPOSE, a Why

Have a specific smart ACTION PLAN. Know what youre doing. Look it the hell up-ignorance is wasting time.


Be specific. Be very specific about what you want

And be very honest and specific as to why.

And be VERY specific as to what you're going to do, where, and when.


Generalities Confuse You.

"I want to lose weight"

"I want to look good."

"I want running shoes to go to the gym"

Great. You go to the gym. You run for an hour. You come back, have two sodas a pizza and a bag of chips. You lost half a pound.

Go to bed to your subliminal tracks. Visualize your body. Feel good about what work you've done 

"God Ive worked so hard..great!" "Let the universe transform my body, I'll just keep feeling good."

Next Objective.



"I want to weight 190lbs, a 10% fat percentage, thats a BMI of about 21."

"I'll be healthy, sexy and I'll feel good about myself when I see myself"

"Ill know Im presenting my best version whenever I step out the door"

"I think I'll go vegetarian, I feel better that way and it gauges my food addictions"

"I think Ill drink this much water, eat this and that and this and that, and workout and do xyz at this time of the day every day"


Log your body. Keep track. Take pictures. Listen to subliminals and visualize to keep yourself pumped for it.

But DON'T mistake the tool for the end result. Actions first.

And even when you don't feel like it. Suck it up. Force it.

And when you feel good, which I'm VERY sure you will, because after all this is your dream and you want it..

Rejoice. You're well on your way.


You're making progress every day even if you dont want to do something.

You're making progress every day even when there's a roadblock you are trying to go over.

Most importantly, you are responsible for yourself. 


Emotional Fluff and Victim Mentality will Derail You

Confusing the tool for the end will make you get lost.

Don't wait for a fire.

Be concerned with perfect action and progress.


Keep THIS paper in front of you

The paper that cuts the bullshit out of what you want

A manifesto that cuts you from your self-victimizing thoughts.

A manifesto and commitment to keep working, even when you don't want or need to.


This is the hard truth about it.

Victims don't get anywhere, and looking to feel good doesn't get you anywhere.

Do you not see how you've been turned into a mental pile of mush by wishing so hard for some magical feel-good to happen?


Take the fluffy romance and shit out of it. Be real about what it is the fuck you want.

Result. Reason. Action Plan.

No motivation.

No inspiration.

No psyche up.

If you wanted it, which you do, you wouldn't need the fluff.

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More On Action: That's right, I'm driving it home.


Make sure you have your wealth health love and happiness tied into it somehow. Those are general terms so define it for yourself. Don’t hold it to anyone's standards about what it should be or is for you. Define your happiness. In Health, Wealth, Love, Happiness.

Then optimize your life around THAT ideal.


Then don’t wait for motivation. Just start. Action trumps it all. No fluffy shit.

Your idols didn’t wait for motivation endlessly

Your idols didn’t treat themselves like victims, waiting for a mystical force outside them to liberate them

And the person you want to be isn’t waiting for you to find it either

Nobody did.

This is a gladiators way. You just keep chipping at it and making progress

You give it your all, no fluffy shit

Endlessly just hone and practice and work at what it is you want

Eventually it compounds and busts.


Another Note: Talent and Natural-Born Skill are Myths

My father has a pretty big talent in cooking.

I mean, I'm not joking.

He's managed multiple highly rated restaurants at the same time before.

He's cooked for ACTUAL European Royalty. Multiple times.

He's cooked for a service of upwards 1,000 people.


I was talking about talent to him. He shot the idea down.

He was born in another country--a ghetto.

He had no money and moved illegally.

Didn't even know English.



He knew what he wanted to do.

He researched, trained and practiced

And told me "I said to myself I have to hands and two legs, and so do they. So I can probably do what they do."

He did. But better.

I remember a woman told him once that "she felt pregnant once she ate his food, because she's been infertile for a while.'

Something along those lines I think.


You must be going 'Jeez what subliminal did he listen to for the universe to get him that when the stars aligned and he felt it coming through positive meditation and emotion."

Fuck off, mate.

He told me himself he thought that "metaphysics" was shit.


You like music and art, yes?

Michael Jackson: Mozart




3 different artists. Look it up. They're all maniacs for technique and craft.

If you think talent, whatever that is, is all you need. You've been lied to.

If you think do CANT do something because of talent. You've been lied to.

You need to act. You need to do it because you need to. You want to.


Here, by the way, is MJ doing his Vocal exercises with Seth Riggs, inventor of SLS singing.


Sounds ugly and un-MJ like huh?

It's called practice and craft. It's not meant to sound pretty.

It's called systematized action. Not inspired action.

Perhaps you've heard of it?

You can use a mental program to supplement it. Just dont wait on your ass.


Then don’t wait for motivation. Just start. Action trumps it all. No fluffy shit.

Your idols didn’t wait for motivation endlessly

Your idols didn’t treat themselves like victims, waiting for a mystical force outside them to liberate them.

They liberate themselves. They do something. They take it into their own hands.

And by idols, mind you, I only mean people that have what you'd like.

Chances are they don't know about any of this type of stuff, and they got it still.


And the person you want to be isn’t waiting for you to find it either

Nobody did.

This is a gladiators way. You just keep chipping at it and making progress

You give it your all, no fluffy shit

Endlessly just hone and practice and work at what it is you want

Eventually it compounds and busts.


“It’s just what i want to do


It’s what i'm about

Its what im here for

No fluffy romantic bullshit

This isn’t church”



What is your happiness?

You must define what it is you want. Most everything can be broken down in 3 general categories.

Health. Wealth. Love. Happiness. What is it. What do you want? Define it for yourself and don't allow society to mold it for you.


Specific results

Specific purpose

Specific Actions

Don't wait for motivation. Don’t wait for romance. Don’t wait for fluff.

The fact is there’s people who have never even heard of these things and they’ve made bounds and leaps of progress.

Keep Working.


And be specific. Be real with yourself and what you want.

Cut the bullshit. Often I used to meet myself trying to write in a certain style to myself

You could say there’s an obsession with trying to self-inspire.

But no no no. That’s no good. You need someone to be real with you about what you need and want. And that’s yourself.

That's right. Im repeating myself on purpose. Because chances are, it'll take some people, like I did, a while to get it.


If you want a lot of sex. A girl or boy to hold at night.

You better start working out, improving your lifestyle and personality, learning about sex, and maybe saving up some money.


If you want to hone your talents

You better start practicing and learning now. About yourself, the craft, the industry--everything.


If you want to look good, sexy, attractive, younger, older, different


Do some research. Do a lot of research.

Jump into it immediately. It doesn’t matter where you start.

Eat a salad.

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Don’t believe society. Liberate Yourself.

Let's talk about some false tropes we believe that society has forced down your throat.

These are also lies. There's countless of them and it's important for you to find them and destroy them.

The talent myth is one of them.

So is the "you need to start young" myth

So is the "art doesn't need education or craft" myth

So is the "genius" myth

So if the social pressure of thinking conformity.

You aren't like anything that's ever happened before.

Get over it, rules don't apply to you. None of these societal myths do.

And you've got to free yourself when you feel the limitations come up.

I've made my point.


Order and Organization vs Creativity vs Craft..

I've made this struggle with my own creative pursuits in the past.

How often do we hear, whether subliminally or not, that creativity, organized order, systematization and technique don't go hand in hand?

That creativity is a mystical force that you are at the whim of whenever it comes through, consumable--you are at it's mercy.

Then you sir, or ma'am, are the chicken. You're not committed. You're invested.


I shouldn't have to explain that creativity not only exists in order, systematization and craft, but it thrives and was born there.

Give me your favorite artistic product. It was made by a craftsman. This takes practice, honing skill, research, order, commitment, organization.

I bet Michelangelo carved a few statues even when he didn't feel like getting up in the morning.

Bruce Springsteen wrote Dancing in the Dark at a dry spell in his writing life. (Which, by the way, I believe writing dry spells don't exist. You create them when you say and believe them).

But you know what that is? What that means to work even without that need for that feeling?

It's love. You do it anyways. Because you love and are committed to it.


You can also think of who you're doing this for


The World?


Let me tell you, you do owe it to the world and to yourself to find your happiness.

You owe it to yourself. And the world. I repeat. 

Happiness makes the world a better place. Your dreams and contributions help us all.

And you'll also be helping yourself.



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I'm going to recap just for a second. Also, if you read all the exposition of what I've learnt so far..wow. Impressive.

Also thanks to Light for giving me this idea and also being an eye-opener.

So let's recap.

These are the thoughts I wrote to myself when I was busy thinking about all of this..


At one point i struggled to try and inspire or motivate myself

“God if i just had the energy and motivation to go do it”

God if i just felt like doing itlike how i used to”

“God if I just had that fire I used to have”


Are you even listening to yourself?

“If I just had the energy to do it?”

You want to do it dont you?

You sound like you want to do it.

So do it. If you want it dont wait just get to it.

Youve become a slave to yourself and your own psuedo-spirituality for needing motivation and fire.

Listen, You know why you want it-itll make you happy

Talking and waiting about it wont do anything


Youve become a slave waiting for yourself.

And since you are your own master. You’re in an endess loop.

Essentially, you need yourself to liberate your own “fire” so you can get working. But since you dont have a “fire” to get working, you can’t get a fire working. So you sit down and mope and try to get things done with visualizations to try to force yourself to “feel the magic” or “believe in yourself”.

Now all this subliminal stuff and mental proceesed are fine. But I’d much rather be out there doing something rather than waiting in an endless loop for a magical moment to make me do it.


Let’s think about all the magical moments of inspiration why dont we.

Think about the last time you thought about motivation and got super spiked to do something. Wow, you were on fire.

What happened by week 2-3?


Feelings fade. But if you’re possessed. If you have the beast inside you. If you commit to being a monster. You keep working. Even when feelings fade. If you like something, you do it when you want it. It’s okay its not a big investment. If you love something, even when feelings fade..youre still there.

It’s like dating and marriage huh?

When your feelings fade a little bit. You better believe you’re waking up next to her in the morning. Because you didnt just like it. You want it. You’re in love.

Dont sit down and tell yourself why you love her. Sure it’s fine. But take her out why dont you?



Youre going to die

I’m going to die

If not today, tomorrow

If not tomorrow, eventually.

Hard work and action ever killed no-one.

You’re already alive. Spend the rest of your life crafting and honing these things.

What is your happiness?

Your health, wealth, love categories?

Specific Result

Specific Purpose

Specific Actions

Systemitize it

Cut out the bullshit

Dont wait for inspiration or any flowery shit

Just get to work.

Whether you feel like it or not. It’s there. Youre invested. This is your happiness.

It’s worth it.

You weren’t made for work.

Work was made for you.

So get evolving!


The 20/80 Rule

There’s a 20%

Stop being so damn stressed about it.

Stop pitying or victimizing yourself.

Stop acting like its hard work and youre exhausting.


Another Example

There was a time when I was texting my friend. I was complaining about going to the gym.

He's pretty wise. He exchanged some words. I read in between the lines. It was like he shared the conclusion with me

"You want to do it right?"


"Well why the hell are you complaining then, just do it. Complaining won't make it easier and youre just annoying yourself over something you actually WANT to do."

"Well shit...Imma go then."

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Okay, damn. 


I'll hand it to you, that was awesome. I thought I was alone in my viewpoints about Self-Help. 


The truth is.


- People don't want to put in the work for the goals they've set for themselves

- They get addicted to affirmations because it gives them the temporary high of compliments without the actual work, the actual discomfort, the actual pain, etc. 

- If I had a guess on how many people that found the Self-Help stuff actually saw their dreams through - I suspect it was a very low percentage. Some settled for what they called "Happiness", which was actually a far lesser version of the life they really wanted for themselves. 


I dig Will Smith, Jim Carrey etc. all LoA icons - but man, if the Self-Help community realized what they've been through, they wouldn't bother at all. Visualization was the beginning for sure, but the actual work, pain, effort, etc. was something else.


Like get this for a second - There were people who learned everything and began reaffirming themselves to get stuff for free 24/7, win the lottery, etc. 


I get it, I want a good time too but DAMN. Really? It's not my intention to judge, but it tells everyone a good bit about the mentality of the people that were attracted to the LoA stuff. 


Anyway, you're well on your way to real growth with that realization. I don't think many in the LoA community will embrace this type of talk because the Motivational industry and positive energy acts as a huge feel good pill of its own. I want to scream my opinions to the LoA community but I would rather be successful myself first before doing anything of that sort. 


And I don't think people realize the simple fact that -


There is beauty in the struggle! Have you EVER watched a movie where EVERYTHING goes right? How BORING would that be?


Life may have been naturally designed like an adventure, but there is an abundance of human beings now that have got it all wrong.


That was a refreshing read all in all.


- Light




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Categories of Improvement to the Good Life

Diet & Exercise

Category: Health

Specific Result

Bodily Revolution. Total Health at peak physical performance.

Current Statistics (Approximation)*

BMI: 27.86

Body Fat %:  27

Height: 6’5

Weight in Lbs: 248

Weight of Lean Mass: 179

Weight of Fatty Mass: 68

Desired Statistics

BMI: 23

Body Fat %: 10

Weight in Lbs: 200

Weight of Fatty Mass: 20

Fat Lost: 48lbs

Specific Purpose

Keep slender. Keep relatively lean. Reveal the already lean muscle underneath while also building.

I’m not trying to bulk by any means. This is more for obtaining a more agile, smaller body.

Flexibility and Agility > Power & Strength


This is for my most optimum health. To have my body in an optimum state at all times. For my own physical well-being and mood. The body is connected to the mind, no matter what.

Going vegetarian helps me feel like I’m at my optimum state. I’ve never felt slowed down since trying vegetarianism—I’ve felt so alive. It also helps me gauge my bad-food addictions and returns me back to a healthy mindset and state of mind in terms of my relationship to food.

Be in your prime. Always. Your body will become a perfect functioning machine, as best as you could get it. Why? Because when you were small you were rigged with heart problems and obesity issues. Do not forget those moments, I have vowed instead to take care of my body and bring it to a point of optimum health. For me, my family. And an example to anyone who watches. But yes, mostly for me.

This is for my child self. My childhood, my teenagerhood, and my adult life.


Not only will I be objectively in a perfect state of health, but getting to this level will also help my confidence in my appearance. There’s no doubt, the entertainment industry needs a nice face to look at. So does life in terms of competition.

I know I’m presenting the best version of myself when I step out the door. Right out the door, right out the box,  I don’t need to be afraid, insecure about how I look. I know this is the best I have. I know I tried my best here.

I know that the body that I have corresponds with how I feel inside. Period. Your body is apart of your identity. And I feel a rift when I know that what I feel inside isn’t accurate to what’s outside.

Objectively speaking I also need a body to be able to last for hours on stage under very hot lights and booming music. I need the endurance and agility to glide across stage with power and grace as well. This leads me to what I call my own Bodily Optimum State.

Bodily Optimum State

Sexy. Period.

In all truth.

Bodily Optimum State = Primed Bodily Health x Satisfaction in Appearance

It is the combination of all these reasons.

Health. For you, your family, your intimate parts. And a blazing example of potential transformation. Of magic through action and determination.

Appearance. For confidence. For career, because in entertainment your body is your vocation.

I am the instrument, so tuning my body is of utmost important.



Specific Tools & Action to Get There

-Transition to Ovo-Lacto Vegetarianism (Feels good, Feels Optimum, Save some Animals)

-High fiber, high protein, low calorie diet. Lot’s of nature-found foods.

- 5 Small Meals a Day (Following the meal plans personally made for me)

-Quit ‘junk’ foods. Permanently. (One step at a time. Go one Year)

-Drink water. Like a fish. (1 Gallon a day)

-Daily Cardio 5 Miles

-Callisthenic Exercise (Personally outlined in A,B Formats for different days)

-Thermodynamics: Include as much walking as possible in daily commute (Passive Caloric burn)

-Regular Logging (Weekly, Monthly, Bi-weekly)

-Logging BMR, TDEE and staying within range

-Supplementation: Fitness Accelerator (Action First)

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Category: Happiness, Wealth

Preface: Talking about music is like dancing about architecture.

Entire Section Summed Up: Learn to be comfortable at craft. Be able to transfer my thoughts from my mind directly to the physical. My music à Piano, Craft, Mediumà Physical representation an documentation Learning craft is also especially inspiring and all. Fuels my spirit. Confirms to me that I’m in my element.



Specific Result

The objective through 2017 is to systematically grow, discover, understand how the voice works and allow it to find itself through daily practice. To grow strength, endurance, co-ordination and power. Like any instrument, the sounds are incredibly versatile. 2017 is laying the professional-grade foundation for a vocalist. In other words, by the end of the year the high-quality of practice should compound to create a professional-grade singer.

In Emotional Senses:

1)      Trust the voice

2)      Accept the voice

3)      Expand, grow and understand the voice

4)      Learn your instrument

In Systematized Senses

Master the Craft of Vocal Technique:

Vocal discovery and fundamentals

High Notes

Vocal Power

The Light Voice

Vocal Freedom

Vocal Melody

Mixed Register


Master the Craft of Style:

The fundamentals of licks, trills, runs

The advanced licks, trills, runs,

To discover my own sound

To master all stylistic subtlieties

To move in variety through trying all sorts of musical genres and style

To mimic and emulate the masters at their work, and thus create my own through compounding in my own inner universe

To discover stylistic improvisation

Unravelling deep professional insight in creating the “x factor” sound through industry insights

To master the inner psychology of style



Specific Purpose

If you need a purpose, just think about all the times its made you feel something.

If you need to remember, go do it. You’ll remember immediately when you remember you need to take action no matter what.


To hone the unique and incredible potential of my vocal capability.

To blow the roof off of what’s possible and provide professional-grade vocal sound

The voice is an instrument, therefore I am an instrument. This is a holistic, spiritual approach to singing.

Vocal discovery is self-acceptance and discovery as well.

It’s expression. It is art. It’s performance. It’s escapism. It’s entertaining.

It’s very spiritual. And it’s a craft to live and die by.

To simply put it, singing makes me feel most alive. I get to escape and channel something different that would otherwise be impossible to expose. This is the art of the showbiz. You get to step into the shoes, through being sensitive, of a different situation.

It’s hard to explain in words, like most artistic things. It’s easier to experience through doing that explaining.


Specific Action

-Daily Training

-Objective Recording

-Take Care of Your Voice, Light and Easy


Songwriter Theory

Specific Result

Learn the craft and technique of the song. From the old masters to the contemporaries.

Two fundamental portions: Lyrics and Music

Broken Down into multiple forms of theory.

However, the most important thing is to learn enough craft and fundamentals to process and put what in your mind into the real world in actual terms of craft.

We call is Analyze and Assimilate

To be able to breakdown hit song list, model them, reverse engineer them and assimilate the technique into my own style. Start with your favorites, end with whatever’s on the billboards. Use your knowledge and continue to break down as you go along.

Specific Purpose

To create an artistic product of songwriting. Every song is like a different child. Everything in the world has form and technique to it. Music is creativity. Music is soul. But music is craft. Music is technique.  This is what makes it a true art, and so beautiful when done artistically.

Great artists 1) Steal  2) Lean on the shoulders of the masters before them 3) Forge their own style from the filtering of their inner universe and their influences

Craft is also very inspirational once you see what other people do and put your  own take on it, like what I’ve said before.


Specific Action

-Buy lots of bona-fide books on the subject, read systematically and see your created book list.

-Load your “Analysis Machine” folder and systematically begin breaking things down beginning with Lyrics and ending with Musical Accompaniment



Specific Result

Learn to be comfortable at the piano. Be able to transfer my thoughts from my mind directly to the piano.

-          Finger placement

-          Flexibility

-          Dexterity

-          Speed

-          Accuracy

-          Capable of extreme speed and prowess at the keyboard

-          Theoretical understanding of notes on the piano.

-          The entire thing is to master the technique aspect of the piano, which will set the foundation into learning style in the future times.


Specific Purpose

This builds virtuosos, longevity and genuine artistic prowess. We don’t guess music. We don’t guess art. Structure, technique and honor to the craft is everything.

Contradictory, technique also does not exist in theory. Technique is the way of manipulating your body to get a desired result. Technique changes all the time. Technique is fluid. What matters is the communication of a musical idea. If it sounds good, it is good. This doesn’t excuse damaging technique, however. It is an art. There’s a balance of paradoxes here.

My music à Piano à Physical representation an documentation. Learning craft is also especially inspiring and all.

Specific Action

See systematized self-taught program outline in bought books.




Specific Result

A producer and writer, I like to think of every product I put out as an intricate venetian painting. Every portion of it is beautiful. Every square inch.

Like intricate layers of tapestry everything has a function and place. It’s incredibly sophisticated, even when it’s simple. There is pure technique infused with pure creativity to create an artistic product.

Whether that’s a single or album. My outcome and goal as a producer is to have strings of meaningful hits.

To think of myself as salt when co-writing with others. As valuable seasoning brought to the meal.

Just a little salt is needed to bring out the best flavors.

Project Album #1 Begins in 2018-2019, once this main project has been fully established and some weiht leverage is under the belt, with a promotion period beginning late 2018 to early 2019. There’s a multi-pillar marketing approach: Online Network Marketing, Physical Copies in Multiple Markets , Live Performances in Multiple Markets (Singles and Covers to Lead),  Leveraging Covers (To Acquire License), Leveraging Collaborations for multiple audiences, Applying for song and album cover copyright and online commerce. 2018 Will also see the official photoshoot coming for Lucid. Perfect timing for post-transformative Lucid state.

For 2017, however, we are building multiple friendly connections by producing for free and collecting goodwill and marketing amongst clients.

Project Album Childhood for Client #1:

Project Album Broken Shores for Client #2: 4 Songs, including 1 ‘crowd’ single

Note these two clients have leverage they’re willing to give me.

In terms of Networking Production Opportunities, there lays 3 more links out there to connect to.


Specific Purpose

I’ve learnt my creative ability stretches beyond myself and into others I become interested in artistically. It’s my passion to create products that’ll thrill people and make the artist express themselves.

Basically. Let’s just create something cool as fuck.

You bring the meat. I’ll bring the seasoning.

You bring the fried chicken, I bring the egg salad.

Let’s meet and make a good time.

Specific Action

This compounds into everything that came before it. As other things increase in prowess, this will increase as well. For my own production and others.

However, your biggest action should be finding a producer and studio to work with once the official production of your first album is under way.

1)      See local producer in town and network closely

2)      Collaboration with your local production close acquaintances

3)      Collaboration with distant acquaintances met in passing

(Won’t be listing names HERE since it’s quite personal and this is to be made public)


Live Performance, Dance

Specific Result (For the Application of Album Project #1)

Leveraging Live Performance and Collaboration Opportunities from already established acts       

Leveraging up-and-coming potential hot spots

Leveraging Opportunities for Local Radio Play

If there’s a mic. There’s a way.

Namely, whore yourself out.

Specific Action & Purpose

Many of your connections have wider audiences you can connect to. They have ways into different things that you can use, of course, once you pay your own good will to them. By leverage we mean put your charm up a little, give to receive. Be professional, be friendly, find kinship where you can. Connect through your passions.


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I wont be revealing my specific daily schedules, because stalkers.

Nor will I be revealing any details on my next album before it's released.

Or any of my publishing. These things are under wraps.


Tomorrow I'll be updating this thread for 2017 with a "my overall life purpose". 

A general direction in my life. 

What I'm all about.

A manifesto of sorts, that culminates I believe in every aspect of life I deem necessary to my happiness.

WIll probably edit this post to contain it.

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So I injured my back doing I don't know what.

I believe working out and hitting the gym for some physical therapy will do me good.


Skipped my classes today. Too much pain sitting down so I decided not to.

Took some painkillers and got better. This is why I wasn't posting yesterday. 


For those of you that don't know there's two personal projects I'm working on.


Project Virtuoso: My training and cultivating program that takes a holistic improvement approach to

-healthy and bodily shape/

-craft (singing, songwriting, producing, pianism, music theory, live performance and dance)

-Networking and working with others


Its a permanent, long-term goal spanning for 3 years. To goal is to cultivate my talent to the highest possible degree.


The second project is related from the first, called

Project Album #1.


Which is being developed and planned for release at the end of 2018 or the beginning of 2019.

Much is being developed from 2017 to the end of 2018.

Where mixing, copyright and physical production happens within the bracket of 2018, which'll work with the strengthened business linkages I've made throughout this time. (WQuite a few)


I'll be posting "my life purpose" manifesto right after this.

Then I'll be printing refined versions of all of these, taping them to my wall for review everyday.

Because back pain or not, I'm sucking it up. Advil and stretches. I begin Tomorrow.


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My Life Purpose, What it's all about


The Hardest Working Man in Showbiz

The Amazer

The One-Man Show



What is your happiness?

What is the good life?


Truth to Dedication

The way of the virtuoso

Happiness, Wealth


To entertain millions of crowds and sell my music and entertainment all over the world. To as many people as possible.

I am an artist. I am an entertainer. Art has its contribution in pushing the human world, the culture forwards. There is a place for art and the artist, not as a   preacher telling people how to feel, but telling how people feel. To entertain, to escape, to do so much--it’s difficultt to explain bust easy to experience.


Most importantly. The art comes first. A lot of times I struggle with my own confidence, my image. And that’s fine as long as it doesn’t mbecome an anxious obsession. But in all my life, I hope that my value and contribution comes most from the quality of my work and nthing else. So that my world and life, my einner universe and mythos given tot he world, my products, are the things that are rememebred and live on without me. TO be immortal through my ar.t


To look for exellence and status in my own blue oceans. If there’s fame, money, status, recognition or accolades, --I am not competing with anybody. This isn’t a race. I fit in my own universe. My own inner universe, apart from the world. Not of this wrld but still in it. To march to the beat of my own drum, to stay true to my own spirit. My inner creativity. My inner child, whatever it is that compels me to craft. And to be so good it’s not possible to ignore it.

My product. I do what I want. I make what i want.



To be a hard worker. A devoted one. That even when times get tough, when burnout happens, when things don’t go the way I want, Ire main the hardest working man showbiz. That is my mantra. Of commitment to my love, my life. Not because I want to. Because I have to. Because I love what I do too much to take a ‘give-up  approach’.

The whole idea of project virtuoso is to lay foundation and is the beginning of the path to the good life.a path of optimization.



To be a craftsman and virtuoso is to not talk but work.

To show not tell.


Body Optimization

Happy Confidence

Health, Wealth


To be healthy, confident, and happy in my physical appearance. To always be assured that what I am presenting is my uttermost best form. Both in health and appearance, a representation that is accurate to who i am and mt personality.

To never stop, as a testament to those who are where i waws. For those who wish to physclly tnasform, and an example to my lovdd ones and family that health is happiness. That you dont need to be unhappy and healthy.


A Mantra on Action

There is no happiness in talking.


I want to make people feel how I feel.

Put in your favorite song. That jam that gets you wild. That piece of artistic genius. That music that just makes you feel so good. That music video. That melody or rythm. That live performance that makes you say wow.


Craft is high on my priority list.

The Amazer


The One-Man Show

The hardest workin’ man in showbiz


It’s spiritual. It plays into my need for creativity. It’s extremely fullfilling.

My mantra, my goal, is to be The Amazer. The One-Man Show, the hardest working man in showbiz. The Virtuoso. Highly skilled. Artistic in nature, channeling my creative spirit. It’s a spirit that flows through you, it’s easy to feel. But describing it is like explaining the intense color of fire to a blind man.    Action and demonstration over talk. Let your actions speak for you.




2020 is the deadline for multiple reasons to create a solid, cohesive artistic work product. That is marketable and sellable- to make cash and a living off of my craft.


October, 2020, is the day you can’t stayin the country anymore. Your visa will be out and you’d have to go home.  Give it three years of hard work. Of everything you have, to compound into creating a full virtuoso.


Project Virtuoso is a project like that. To hone and optmize your craft to the highest degree. In all aspects of artistic creating--to develop technique and craft to channel your inner spiirit.   


2017: The Year of Virtuoso

This is the commencement of the year of the virtuoso. To lay the fundamentals of technical craft and pressoinal -grade work . a dedication to practice a dedication to transformation of the body, mind and soul.



Because this is my mission, why i was put here on this planet.

It’s genetics.

It’s spirituality.

Its my contribution to the universe. Thr world. My ancestoral lineage. My descendants of the planet. And my own happiness. My own fullfillment. This is what I was built for.


Now stop reading and get to work Lucid. You’ve got a crazy album to make.


Project Album #1


A list of consecutive hits.

A list of artistically crafted musical songs.

A venetian painting.

A piece of tapestry.




A vow to myself

I will never return to that mindset of victimization

Of mental-slavery to myself and the world

Life doesn't happen to me.


I take life by the horns, and act upon it.

Plan. Be smart. Work hard. Act.

Dont be a boat drifting in the water.





So this begins the New Action Era of my life

I'm glad you're here to watch it play out live.


Also, I have good news.

One of my pieces is being featured in an Aussie magazine, of which I'm very proud.

I'll also be placing this piece in another magazine come next summer. (I think).


I think I'll call this entire operation of practice, honing, networking and sending myself out there "The Lucid Takeover Project: Journey to the Good Life"

Because mind you there is no GOAL here that is tangible in the sense of "i want 1,000,000 dollars by next summer.

Yes wealth is nice.

Yes I do have goals for my craft and body and my family and friends and networking and all that.

But these things play into a JOURNEY to the Good Life. To happiness. 

Do you get it?

Like it's a goal but it's also important that I'm happy and I'm doing what I love.

So it's both.


Let's go.

To tomorrow.

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I have to congratulate myself on my progress thus far.

A lot of progress has been done.

Had a bit of a slow start because my back kept my behind a bit.

Also I havent slept very well in the last few days, so I've been tired.

So I took a much needed rest yesterday and I'm back. Here's what's happened in the last few days.

I still got stuff done while I was on some meds. 


I've set up for the year with a new systemized scheudle of action.



Solid technique foundation laid. A full systemized process to learn all 1) Major Scales  2) Minor Harmonic Scales


I've got some great ways to do it, and learning this technique and these learning techniques specifically helps me to easily transiiton to multiple music styles. I mean, I've already used the technique to learn some boogie-woogie style left hand coordination in a fraction of the time it took me last time. I feel muchless awkward. More relaxed too. These techniques are also going to help me with all the things below too, since there so powerful. 


Something comes alive in my soul, I cant explain. 


Songwriting & Theory

Analysis Machine batch #1 loaded

Song line up titles for Album #1 is loaded

Ill be going through my voicenotes and loading those today.

I didnt have time for it today, but I'll be doing a new morning exercise to prime my mind for writing.


I've learn SO MUCH in the past few days to be honest. I've been reading, listening, practicing.

I do feel like everything I do compounds into a universal understanding..since songwriting, theory, singing and piano are all related to eachother.

It means I'm learning from multiple channels and disciplines all at once, so I get a more 360 view on it.  


A lot of creative types believe there's no need for theory, rules, practice or craft. 


I used to be like that too, dont get me wrong.

But that's simply not possible as I've noticed in the last months. 

 I shouldnt have to explain why. 

It''s all in the last posts I made. 


Optimized Schedule

I thought my schedule was optimized. Until I changed my mindset ofver the few days.

I know I cant go in on detail with this one. But it's so streamlined. Doing all this should be easy.


Body & Health

No progress yet. 

I've got a lot on my plate between all this music, so I'm making it a priority to get in sync first with a proper schedule. 

Once I get all these parts going with some momentum, I'll begin the gym.

I also need to get in contact with my (new potential) trainer. 



There's a songwriting group that meets once a month. I've been told about it by my friend (one of my clients) and he's invited me to join. 

So I will. I see it as a good chance to network. I also invited another friend along. I'm sure I can learn even more. 


I'll also be seeing the theatre department (tbh, still debating) 


The Benefits of the Liberated Attitude 

I've felt so much more confident and charismatic these days.

And then also, I really dont give a shit about what other people thing anyways.

Not from an attitude of defense. But an attitude of, this is me. I know where I'm going. I know what I'm capable of. 

There's nothing to be afraid of. Let's just live life.


I'm also focused on what I've got to do, so there's no time to be shy anyways.

I've seen and, in my eyes, felt people be much more postively responsive to me. 

I've just been feeling better.


 Post-Action Subliminal Theory

This brings me to my post-action subliminal theory.

I'm going to be using subliminals in a totally different attitude now.

They are a tool not the end. So are all mental processes.


Once I've got solid momentum going (2 weeks of action), I may resume my use of subliminals.

Why? Because I've got to be and have a solid driven habit in first. 

These will be used to supplement actions when needed, not to motivate and create actions.


George's products are powerrful. They work. Period.

But you need to be responsible for it, especially if you're serious about your goals..

He's always said it. Objectivity and action.


For example, once I've begun my Body & Health routine, after about two week of action I'll begin playing the master mix track. 

This will suplement it and further streamline the already-going momentum and hopefully supercharge it. 


Hopefully also with my piano , music and vocals. The important of waiting even longer for THESE actions is they are craft based.

Technique isn't done with beleifs. So I'd much rather be taught conciously first and boosted after the fact.


Thank You, Subliminal Family



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So, remember how I hurt my back?

Remember how I felt reaally tired all the time and I took a much needed rest?

Yeah well it got even worse yesterday.


Turns out I'm allergic to Advil and it's been messing with my system.

My back's doing well and I should be working out and flexing my muscles more to heal it.

But I faint when I take Advil, which is what happened last night. And probably what made me feel so lethargic..


God I feel like a pile of mush, I'm tired.

Sigh, so I didn't get anything much done today. Other than my vocals,

Vocals are a non-negotiable. Even if the worlds ending and I'm in a hospital. 

I'll be moving that determination to all my work as well.

Guess I'll rest all weekend, the Monday next week I've got off too.

More time to re-cooperate.


And by rest, I mean work from bed.


Till Next Time, Subliminal Family, 


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Okay, I got off track this weekend and Monday.

Sort of.

Well, I didn't give it my 100%, I really didn't.


I'm not sure what it was about having the excuse of fainting and having back issues.

But my actions didn't reflect my goals at all.

Yes I did make progress quite a few categories,.

But I didnt get it all the way I wanted.

There,s no use in looking back and sobbing though, the only point is that I made PROGRESS.


I'll learn from this.

I've been reading my own objectives and what not, and then I realized something.

I'm trying to inspire myself to action.

Then I put my papers down and said fuck that. 

Tomorrow I'm getting up, and I'm gonna do it right.


I know where I'm going, I know who I want to be. Period.

Let's go.



So, let's go!



I love you all so much~

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I am having so much fun reading your journal. BTW, this is exactly how progress looks like. There is a lag between saying you will do something 7 days a week and pulling it off but w/persistence it comes over time. 

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