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Oh, hey there~

You can call me Loozid.


I'll be posting a bit about myself soon here. Before getting into subliminal technology and NLP I used to look at this thread for the successes and effects as proof that they work.

Well, now I'll be doing the same to serve people who were doing what I did. 

You see, I too am trying to "get out of my own way" and improve myself.


I absolutely fell in love with the idea of a community of dreamers that want to improve their lives to attain what they want in life. So I welcome everyone's comments and discussions with open arms!

I may or may not post more. I'll just see how this goes. This will mostly comprise of my thoughts and questions as well as my journey/tips/ideas/observations as a new subliminal user.


Till then, 


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Oh, hey there~

You can call me Loozid.


I'll be posting a bit about myself soon here. Before getting into subliminal technology and NLP I used to look at this thread for the successes and effects as proof that they work.

Well, now I'll be doing the same to serve people who were doing what I did. 

You see, I too am trying to "get out of my own way" and improve myself.


I absolutely fell in love with the idea of a community of dreamers that want to improve their lives to attain what they want in life. So I welcome everyone's comments and discussions with open arms!

I may or may not post more. I'll just see how this goes. This will mostly comprise of my thoughts and questions as well as my journey/tips/ideas/observations as a new subliminal user.


Till then, 


Hey there Loozid,


Welcome aboard it's good to see you have started your journal.


With time you will notice wondering changes and massive results.


So please just give it time and you will start to see how quickly things are pulling in your direction.


I know at first I didn't believe in the hocus-pocus technology of NLP and subliminal, but it WORKED INSTANTLY.


I couldn't believe my eyes. It was, in fact, one of the best things that ever worked.


This falls under like alternative medicine, but it simply way better!!!


I would love to see your progress along your travels.


Safe trip,

Gerardo Morillo :)

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Hey there Loozid,


Welcome aboard it's good to see you have started your journal.


With time you will notice wondering changes and massive results.


So please just give it time and you will start to see how quickly things are pulling in your direction.


I know at first I didn't believe in the hocus-pocus technology of NLP and subliminal, but it WORKED INSTANTLY.


I couldn't believe my eyes. It was, in fact, one of the best things that ever worked.


This falls under like alternative medicine, but it simply way better!!!


I would love to see your progress along your travels.


Safe trip,

Gerardo Morillo :)

Oh my god, I didn't expect to meet you here Gerardo. I've seen your youtube channel. You've become a sort of subliminal celebrity role model.

Such a coincidence to meet you here..although not really if I think about it. You've played a pretty big role in me wanting to set up a mental program for myself in order to improve my life.


I'm also so excited to see support and encouragement from active members like you and Athena. I'd love to share thoughts and learn from the both of you ^^


Later today I'll place an "About Me" post and an organize format for me to journal on this thread. Hope to keep in connection with some newly found kindred spirits.



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As promised here is my update post with a little information about myself.


I consider myself very gifted. When I first decided to follow my passion to become an entertainer, performer and artist I was very insecure. My first vocal coach I ran across by pure fate. There was an ad out for an old production she was having--auditions were long over. Her schedule was packed, and on top of that not only was I a total beginner but I also couldnt afford her pricey fees. So she cut me a deal. If I could pass her "audition" to become her student she would train me for free because she "didn't believe in supporting people she could not believe in". And although I understand the value of believing in myself without allowing the outside world to affect me, she always raved about how amazingly "unnatural" my voice was. That I did not understand how good I was. So on the spot without preparing I did so. I sang the Edge of Glory by Lady Gaga. My aunt was dying of cancer.This song reminded me of my aunt being on the edge of her own glory--the edge of life. 


I made the audition, but was always so shy. I felt unsupported by my family and friends. It felt like noone would understand my dreams to bring smiles and excitement and art to the world. It's so much it's hard to put on paper. I had quit for a long time, and this had "just become a dream".


But it was not just a dream. I believe it's a gift. My subconcious mind is a music studio in and of itself. I create music. I create art from my mind. I easily bounce into the flow state where music and ideas flow to me constantly, and in a split second I feel like I become everything with the universe--me in it and it in me. I become the trees and the birds. I feel the music of the universe inside me. And I let that simmer down in self doubt and lack of belief.


I decided to drop out of the school program I was in to move to the US. I decided to improve on my psychology and learn from the greats. In the end, my family truly does love and support me, and now I learnt that perhaps it was my own self-doubt and inhibition that clouded my mind to think they did not.


This brings me to the current year. I still get glimpses of the powerful flow within me and I've decided it's time to reconnect to myself and pursue my dreams. Even as I type this I can feel the support of my own spirit and creativity. I've read up on the psychology of goal setting and planning, I have orchestrated a grand plan and I also believe strongly in the Law of Attraction. I believe in the power of my subconcious mind and talent. I don't believe it's ever left. It's always been there, waiting to be picked up. And now it's time to focus and make it grow.


I think of it as a raw golden nugget. It must be polished and refined. And that is this stage in my life.




This will be a dream journal.


The dream last night I had was very profound to me. This happens often. I believe dreams can be metaphors that carry a message for the waking life. So here was last nights dream..

Something was wrong with my parents when I visited them in my dream. They were fighting very harshly. It just didn't feel right, The issue was very..surreal,

They were quarreling about apple juice that looked pee, and my mother was trying to drive her SUV through a small gap in our garage and scraped my dad's car.

You read that right. I know. Weird. Anyways.

Our family (grandmother, aunt, cousins, parents and my brothers) went on a family outing to the supermarket, where my mother privately revealed to me she didn't want to be with my dad anymore.

My brother cried. So did I. My eldest seemed angry about it. For whatever reason my cousin (who by the way, is also my room mate) came wanting to find out what had happened in a nosey way I suppose..

Why? Because I began to lash out and curse and violently beat anyone in my path. It was horrible. I beat the hell out of a girl I didnt even know. Then I got arrested.

They took me to a prison of sorts. It was so fancy. The car ride on some..sort of golf cart..was very long. I remember having my headphones in one ear listening to some music on the way. Music felt important in this scene I cant remember why. Something about the girls in the front seat and the radio.


Anyways,here were 4 floors, Everything was rich. Rich brown woods and everything. I was sent to the lowest floor to see a therapist who would hear me out.


She looked so familiar, but I didnt know who she was. I don't in waking life either. I was still so angry. Our conversation went something like this. It began to sink in that after my horrible actions I would risk being locked up, have a criminal record and probably miss out on the chance of realizing my dreams.


"Look I cant be here I have a lot to do I'm a busy person." 

"You dont understand, my parents represented all that love means to me." (I can still recognize my mother's sad face typing this wow)

"I have a daily schedule. I have a lot to do. I grind. If I dont grind. They wont eat. Who will support them when they get old?"


And bold faced my therapist looks over to me and says 

"Grind? You dont grind."

I got so angry. But also an "aha!" moment. I whipped my laptop out of nowhere (because dreams?) and plopped my mental program and daily schedule on the table. I opened my excel sheet. And there it was.

So. Much. PORN. Pictures.

I felt shocked in real life. This was around the time I mustve noticed this was a dream. I kept scrolling down and down until I found the schedule and showed it to her.

And then someone texted me..my phone appeared out of nowhere.

And then a 3DS appeared out of nowhere--it's battery was dying

And then my therapist got distracted and stopped talking to me. She was busy looking at a video on youtube while I was supposed to fill out some "emotional management" exercise (which had..oddly something to do with Bruno Mars).


I can remember much more I believe I woke up around then..I still cant believe how real it felt, almost like I was crying in real life.


I took away a lot from this. Looking back, it felt like the message was clear. If you want your dreams, you need to divorce your distractions. Even though it may be painful, you need to do so.

My room mates, my video games--I must be single minded.


What wouldve caused this powerful metaphor?

Well I'm a college student. I'm 19. I moved to the US for the chance to follow my dreams and improve myself. Recently I've read a book on the psychology of goal setting and motivation.

I've set myself up to grind. I know what I want...sort of.

And then I found this website. I had messaged the wizard himself George a few days ago. His response had also confirmed the value of single-mindedness and focus.

On top of that, the message was made even stronger by a chat I watched on youtube with Yogi mystic Sadghuru, who emphasized the need to align your mind body and spirit into one goal for manifestation.

You must act and have faith. That's what this dream taught me.

(Law of attraction believer here~)




This will be a progress journal.


Progress? Not quite yet. I've spent so long thinking of what I want, why I want it and what actions I can take to get moving in that direction, I haven't actually done it quite yet.

Shame. I know. But there is something you must know about my personality. I work. I work hard. To the point where I often forget to eat, drink and sleep. I mean its scary. I've accidentally lived off of a few fruits a day and not even notice it.

You know how they say pitbulls lock their jaw and don't let go. I like to think of myself as that pitbull.

Tomorrow I start a light cleanse before I finish a short list of do's. I'll rest up on some sleep I've lost. And the day after, I begin my dreams to become a successful entertainer.


I'll be posting any big changes in this thread, perhaps you kind readers can help me along the way :)


This will be where I ask questions

I've already asked George so many questions. I suppose I will post them here too, if they catch your curiosity. I just ask for your patience. I'm new (and reasonably skeptical). Regardless I understand success takes trial, error and risk. That's why I'm here.

Also if someone as ripped as Gerardo does this why the hell not?








I was wondering to what extent do subliminals work as placebos and not for objective changes in reality?

Typically speaking I understand (correct me if I'm wrong) the power of subliminals is, with clear intention techniques and emotional power, to change the subconcious beliefs which will change the way a person operates which will THEN change reality.


But what about those subliminals with affirmations like "i am lean and ripped" or "i have magnetic eye contact"?

For example, let's say if someone is 500lbs overweight and comes across an track that promises "hypnotic weight loss". Do certain subliminals not just change our beleifs without ever changing the objective reality? Like a man looking to change his penis' or eye color size through subliminal programming. In the end, is his penis any bigger or smaller objectively or  is he so subliminally convinced that it's changed that it's sort of a body dismorphia syndrome? 


Will these make objective reality or convince me a non-existent result? How do affirmations like


"you create attraction from a distance,you create attraction with your thoughts, you create attraction with your intention, you create attraction with your energy"

Create objective reality and not just convince the listener of an illusion? 


Similarly, I have a particular image I'd like to go for that I currently do not resemble. I have this image saved for my own motivation while I work out. I dont ever want to LOOK like someone, but I do pick apart their essence and what I like about them and desire to have that effect they had on me instead, if that makes sense. Like a seductive aura, a well-formed body etc. How do subliminals work to achieve this effect if anything at all?



Types of Subliminals

I've found many types of tracks on the web. Here's what I've seen.


256 Voices: The easiest for me to use while I sleep and also when I wish to listen to my own music.


Subliminal with Music: The hardest for me to use while I sleep or in general (unless the tracks very easy on the ears or catchy)


Subliminals That Sound like Fast Whispers: Do these even work..? If I can't clearly hear them or theyre too fast, do I still somehow absorb them? Is this more effective or less effective..


Subliminals I Can't Hear Properly: Similar to the one's that "whisper" to the user, except the messages are so drowned out I can only just barely understand what's under the music. Mostly it sounds like mumbles.


Long, Extended Videos (29 Minutes): Typically stuff like the 256 Voices are longer, without music and clear to hear.

Short Videos (7.00-10.00): Typically, the 'whispers' or 'drowned out affirmmations' come in this variety...


One more thing. I know this post is long. I'm just so curious. Which are more effective? What's the difference and why?

Also between the free content on the web and the paid content, which is more effective. Whats not included in the free-to-listen content?


Don't get me wrong. Even if I could listen for free and still get desired results, I'd still find funds to support anyone's good work in the long run.



This is where my "Mental Program" can be critiqued


Morning: Hour of Power

0Journal intention of the day + Subliminal Affirmations Theme

-Focusing on what you want

Affirmations that Engage Physiology

Purpose/Love Meditation, Breathe Meditations


Daily Exercise: Burst

Subliminal Technology + Visualization

Motivational Audio, or Music + Visualization


Afternoon: Burst

Law of Attraction Work (Focus Wheel, Letters to God, Writing the Future, Fine Tuning Desires)

Physicological Affirmations


Evening: Hour of Power

NLP Switch Techniques

LOA Focus Wheel 

Physiological Affirmations


Visualization, Intention Setting for Subliminals


Sleep: Subliminal Theme Category of the Week







Process of Use

I have a lot of areas I'd like to  improve in, so I've gathered common subliminals together into appropriate themes. Each theme is played per week, the themes also apply to all affirmations and visualisaiton sessions included.

There's multiple tracks per folder. Every audio is a non-theta backed 256 voiced subliminals played near my bed by a Bluetooth Speaker.

Individually I plan to go through the affirmations for every single track in a week's theme every night, setting my intention for what I'd like my subconcious to soak in and how I'd like it to use the information.

Setting intentions are done for me by 1) writing 2) visualization and using media that may apply.


For example,

My BODY section has pictures of what I'd like to look like. 

My ARTISTIC PEAK section, I set intentions by listing elements/essence of music and performance I like. Hard to explain. It's an emotional process.

INTANGIBLE Qualities, I usually pick apart essences I enjoy from other people. Or visualization of the idea situation is also fine.


I do this for every track. Every affirmation. And then for the track in a general sense.


Mind you I spend a combined total of 7 hours of practice on my craft, which includes instruments, music theory, singing and songwriting.

George had the excellent idea of using objective recordings to deter the potential placebo effects of the subliminals, since these persuits are indeed very belief based.



What is Your Dream?

Dreams. One of my favorite words. Some may think being called a dreamer is an insult. Not to me.

Dreamers are see'ers into the future. And I believe we all have unlimited potential within us.

I don't know who is reading this or what you believe, but I believe we're all created in the image of God.

Greatness is in our DNA. We ARE the stuff of the impossible if we open up to it.

Maybe you knew that already. That's why we are here. To unravel our greatness, no?


Daily Motivation  :D 




Oh my..did you read all of that? Or did you just scroll down.

I hope you enjoyed it, although this is just a public journal/letter to you all.

Let's help and encourage eachother!



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Hi again.

Couple of quick thoughts.

Firstly, was SOOOO glad to find out you weren't REALLY beating up a girl badly and sent to jail and it was a dream!

Secondly, LOVE seeing the nod to Will Smith (big fan here) and Bruno Mars (love him too).

Thirdly, the reason I think it's not placebo - though my view on placebos is if a placebo works who CARES if it's a placebo, man, it's WORKING!

is that I've sometimes had OTHER people respond after I've used some of the subliminals.


For example, I listened to one on dancing and for some reason that one worked REALLY quickly!  It seems to vary with me how well and quickly they work but I've had enough things happen to get me wanting to continue!


So, as I said in one of the success stories on here, I listened to that and not ONLY did I feel a bit more confident and creative when dancing, but also a guy actually complimented me on my dancing.


I listened to one on wealthy men (unfortunately it seems, no I STILL prefer the broke but handsome men!) 

well one of the things that happened is I ended up, yes I was doing things to look for someone wealthy to date but it's NOT an easy thing to find, especially if you are well my age.  Whereas for teens and 20s it CAN happen.  I didn't get a Daddy Warbucks type but I DID end up going on about 5 dates with this guy who really liked me and took us out for posh dinners together in fancy restaurants and twice he paid a taxi so I wouldn't have to take the train home.  He DID also talk about flying me to New York & the Caribbean but unfortunately THAT didn't materialize.  (And yes, I DID like things about him for himself, he wasn't my normal type but I DID find him sexy and nice & he was also very intelligent and witty too.  And even though it didn't work out for various reasons longer term, (one of those reasons being I realized, nope I STILL prefer hunky men..sigh..rich men are less trouble but there you go!)  those 5 dates were neat.  We also just saw a movie together and laughed a lot. I swear to you, at times he even hinted about things that made me wonder if he wanted to marry me! and he said some quite romantic things I also had a real estate mogul want me to be his lover.  I didn't go for it but..I think that sub might work! 


I've also, when I've used the charisma program, had people ask me to hang out after the event we were at and that's happened twice when I've used charisma things from here.  The most recent time I used it, I didn't go out much, but I DID have people in shops be extra nice to me.  


I also did one on get your ex back and while i didn't get THAT ex back - I did only listen for about a month though and I also think I decided in the end I don't WANT him back anyway - but I started getting OTHER guys from the past suddenly getting in touch with me.  


The reason I am mentioning THESE examples specifically is because if it was placebo, how come OTHER people also responded?


I guess you could argue it built up my confidence in those areas at that time, but if so, wouldn't you say that it was working?!

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Last night I spent my sleeping time listening to my body/fitness themed subliminal playlist. Just a general intention this night, nothing too specific. Well before I knew it, I was knocked out and knocked out DEEP. I woke up so refreshed and motivated today. I didn't think I'd totally forget the playlist was playing as I slept, that's good to know. It's not disturbing at all. I must've caught up on all my sleep. Feels greats haha.

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Aug 6 2016 Update


Today I learn a lesson about myself.

For the past week I've been pulling all-nighters back-to-back. And I mean ALL night. I go to sleep any time between 4-6am.

I just get obsessed with what I'm doing. I count it as a positive trait if I can gauge myself healthily about it. 

But this time I guess I didn't ^^


Today I woke up at 5.55. My alarm begins at 6am. 

Had some breakfast. Some tea. I woke up and felt motivated although I guess I wasn't aware of how tired I was. 

I didn't care though. I got up and hauled it to the gym for some cardio. 

By the time I got back to my apartment I felt so drained and tired. I remember my eyes blinking shut while execerising. 

I showered and began to do my daily breathing exercises. I noticed I was so tensed and stressed..

And for those who don't sing. Being 1) Tired 2) Stress isnt very optimal for the vocal mechanisms.


I did my breathing. And by that time I was ready to begin until I started feeling very weak.

So I decided to cut it short for the sake of my health, realizing I hand't been sleeping well for about a week.

You can believe how my mind was so unclear and my body so tired after being flooded with coffee and junk food to keep me awake. 

Like I said yesterday was my first day of very good sleep. I crashed and slept for like 4 hours. 


My lesson today is. Drive is important, but so is your mind and health. So please take care of yourself. Mentally, Spiritually, and Physically.

That's what my body taught me today. 

Today I'm resting my mind and talking to myself about what's important, why am I stressed and how/what my code of conduct will be as a definition of myself. I feel a lot of my own stress is self-inflicted. My expectations of myself and my lack of understanding of my identity as a human being and an artist. All that kind of stuff. I must get grounded. 

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Question that's on my mind tonight.


What is the law of attraction?

No really what is it.

I think we're all bombarded by magical snake oil salesmen that say "think of what you want emotionally and your (insert quantum physical vibrational resonance to the non-physical whatever)   all of a sudden as if by some vibrational quantum mechanics, you will experience it. 

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So I was showering and for some reason my ipod went to a "Meet the right people" subliminal track. Originally I was listening to music. 

I left it on anyways and it got me thinking about what I truly want etc. As I was saying I've been thinking about the LOA. 

I used my focus here. I had the thought "I'd really like to go to South Korea."


I got into a meditative state in the shower. I closed my eyes and visualized vividly. 

I feel very close the the color of turquoise/teal/aquamarine. Blues especially. 


There were two scenes. On the left was the blue energy I used to often identify my dreams. On the right was..well I cant remember.

I believe it was a picture of me living my dream. Its standing on a stage, arms open in the sea of a massive crowd, just taking it all in. 

These two pictures merged with each other. I cant remember much else of the visualization but it was intense and powerful. 

When I opened my eyes I just continued life. Which brought me to my question last night.


My dream was pretty intense. It felt so real. It was mainly about me packing my things to move to China. (Which I mean, isn't Korea but close enough I guess). I can't remember much of it but I had a family there to stay with. And all sorts of stuff. I just thought it was interesting how this idea and my meditations were linked.





Something pushed me to go outside and walk over to the supermarket (it was alright, I needed something anyways).

The reason? I got the hunch that I was going to meet someone, so I should dress well.

Well I got up, got dressed and ready to go to the market. On my way back I bumped into a friend I hadn't seen in months.

And we didnt keep in contact. I've only seen pictures of said friend to know she was in town but I never remembered to make contact..


Is there a correlation between the "Meet the Right People" subliminal and meditation AND this sudden urge and inner knowing that I'd meet someone on my commute to and from the market?




It seems like focus/emotion/visualization/intent works well alongside George's tracks. My internal debate is whether I should only focus on 1-2 tracks at a time for a week, or should I use a playlist to focus on with multiple facets under the same theme. 


Perhaps an intense visualization like the exercise about will prove useful if I can do it with an entire playlist. 

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Things have been going well. 

Recently I've decided to fork up the needed money in order to finally try one of George's full products. 

I think the scary part is that there's SO many scams and shady salesmen all over the internet promising us the gold at the end of the rainbow, and then never giving the results.


But that's the thing with success isn't it? Risk. So I'm willing to take that gamble, especially because our community rallies so much around his amazing products. Also, if someone is doing good work I believe they should be paid and rewarded accordingly. So here I go~ 


//More Updates on what I'm using later!//


Also a big thanks to Adonya, Athena and Gerardo for giving their input.

You guys are awesome and your advice is always good to have. ^^

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Hello Subliminal Family~


Tiny update like I promised you.

I decided to go ahead and buy:


Charisma Generator

Self Confidence

Unconcious Triggers (Book)

Object Destruction (Book)


Im not sure how mixing tracks wi work but Ill only be working on one audio program at a time. Perhaps one track for two weeks like my friend above said.


Ill start with Charisma Generator. Earlier today I did some visualiation with it. My headphones were in and before I knew it I was in deep sleep. Something about these really knock me out cold. The buzz makes me sleepy if Im in the mood to sleep.


Anyways. 7 hours of sleep-listening plus concious practice (writing affirmations/journaling/visualizing how Id like to be) for 2 weeks on each track. Thats a minimum of 90-sometbing hours. Im planning to TOTALLY overkill these tracks.


My question is.


What do I do when I feel resistance coming up about these tracks?


More Updates Soon!

Oh. And thanks George. Youve been a real treat so far. You all have. :]



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Your dedication really inspires me! 

Couple of things about the resistance - yes I can relate.  A couple of things that help me out, although I've asked a similar question.


I noticed a while ago that sometimes I tend to have resistance towards things that are actually really good for me.  I personally definitely have a sort of inner saboteur - something I'm working on - so sometimes i know that I feel resistance because the little biatch that it is doesn't want me to get the benefits of whatever it is I feel the resistance to.  That's not ALWAYS the way, but it's sometimes I sometimes have.


Sometimes, I play a level of a computer game I like and after I play a level then I do something, like a task whatever.  Sometimes it's like a reward.  I mean, no, not a reward, but it's more like, I've had some playtime, now let's do some stuff.  And I reward myself after too. 


I have a lot of resistance to journalling esp. with pen and paper and actually I used to LOVE writing.  


I worked for years in a job where i had to write down little things a lot and it was pretty boring and I that's part of what put me off?  BUT having SAID that, I also find writing processes incredibly powerful and I see that some people who I think of as the best mentors out there - and George I am including you in this, of course - recommend different writing processes.  


They can be typed too of course, but I think there is something about the writing. 


Sometimes, I put music on I like or a subliminal as i write.


Oh, yeah, just like a song that feels good.  


I'm going through the same thing a bit - in general, I mean.  I'm on holiday at the moment and on one hand i want a rest and I am getting that and much needed playtime after all the hard work I've done at work.

on the OTHER hand, I feel like I have this amazing opportunity to really build up some powerful habits and I want to maximize that. 

But, even though I haven't done loads, I've made some in-roads there, and that's good. 


Sometimes, thinking about WHY you want something is good but also I want to learn things for the sake of learning something fascinating and keep learning even when I don't know everything about the outcome.  


I hope some of the things I've said is helpful to you?


I love reading the journals on here and it's really exciting to see what's happening and the journeys shared through the journals and other success stories and I guess even the bumps in the road and plateaus people have and the breakthroughs they have to bust through those. 


Sometimes, I tell myself this: There's a lot of people and also companies out there PUSHING their OWN messages, their OWN agendas on to us - or trying to.  TELLING us CONSTANTLY what we should believe, what is possible, who we should be.

Pardon me, but, F@ck them.

WE get to choose.

And to me, these programs and products are a great way to reinforce the messages WE WANT to have, the believes WE WANT to have and to stretch our concept of what is possible.  


I too want to build up my consistency at times. 

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What is your dream?

Why are you here?

What's the reason you're alive. What's your purpose?

What do you want to improve about yourself?

Where is your power.


With the knowledge and technology you hold in your hands,

What will you do with it?

What do you live for. Who do you live for.

What will you live for. What will outlive you when you pass.


What will you sacrifice your life for?

Who are you living for.

Who makes your rules.

Will you be okay with being outside the norm and forgetting the crowd in chasing your dreams.


Who are you. 

What do you want.


I want to open this entry in saying this.

This journal is personal to me. This is a space for me to comment  and freely put my life on the forum for as long as I can maintain that. This is a safe space for you and for me.


I took a break off my grind in order to re-assess my life.

In all the noise and determination I sort of lost myself. 

Like why the hell am I doing this again. 

And then I easily found it again. 

It's never lost; it's always waiting to make contact again. 



Anyways. Today Gerardo dropped a video on practice in private and I couldnt agree more.

People will always tell you their perception of reality from their lens, and when someone chases their greatness it'll be normal for them to affirm their own perception of what you should do.


Today my roomie said "I dont think you should lose any weight." while she ate her snow cone.

I agreed. 

But inside I know I'm on a strict diet and exercise routine, and my gut has already significantly shrunk.

Why? Practice in Private.


I only agree because they don't deserve to tell me what they think when I'm chasing my own goals.

It's easier to dodge the bullet of argument by just going with the flow on the surface for me. 

The Truth Belong to Those that Deserve It. In any other case, lie and make it easier on yourself.

That's my personal philosophy. Don't get me wrong. I don't believe in malicious lies at all, that's just nasty. 


My roomate's mom is over. And my roomies are usually distracting. Actually not really. They used to be, always wanting to watch movies all day and eat junk food. 


Now, to each their own, but I've got my own agenda planned for my future which doesnt include over-eating on garbage and mindlessly consuming media all day.  I often easily negate anyone's comments. They dont know me, what I can do and they have no relevance to the greatness I'm going to achieve in my life. 


I did get distracted during her stay, but I chilled out about it. I easily used them as leverage for stress relief whenever I felt resistance or needed time to think on something like my questions above. (Looks like we used the same method Athena)


But I'm back. And wow am I excited. Even in times of resistance I remind myself, resistance is not you. It's something you can overcome. Especially if you just talk to yourself. I like to find the belief that holds me back and reverse it, and repeat that a few times and focus on why it MUST be true. 100% of resistance is untrue anyways.


So tonight I'm re-writing my newly found, juiced up objectives.

I think something that's so important is when we write out what we want and our dreams that we need to be raw. 

Dont think about what's expected of you, whats "right" to want. These are projections from dogma. That's not who you are. 

And dogma breeds resistance. By the end of it you're wrapped up in an image that doesnt belong to who you really are.

You need to be honest. And so I'll be honest when I write.


Can I be Honest?


I'm not sure what it is about journaling on this forum that gives me resistance. Perhaps a level of putting myself out there is a bit new for me.


Perhaps it's also the nature of manifesting and achieving dreams. No. It's not as magical as some gurus seemed to have made it. That is my conclusion. Manifestations and goals dont just accidentally happen. I'd dare say people that said that just fluked their way to what they wanted. That seems to be the spirit around the new-age / self-help crowds doesn't it. 


I'm sorry, but FUCK the universe. There are ways to get what you want without the airy fairy magic, the type that requires you to sit still in your room and do nothing 95% but "feel good" in the secret of your own privacy because other's may sidetrack your manifestation. Am I the only one that feels this belief around these crowds? 


I've recently seen a new way to view this work.

All cars are different but essentially the same.

So are all manifestations, goals. 

Every car needs wheels, a steering-wheel and a speed gauge. 

Just like that, there are common tools and things to create what you want in the world.

You dont accidentally create a car. You dont accidentally create your dream reality. 


But. There are tools. There are people who have found and developed ways to get what you want.

It's a technology. It's a technique. Not a magic wishing well that you must sensativley tend to so you can be 

"the universe's favorite" so things will positivley happen to you. 


Nah. Fuck that. 

If you really were the master of your fate, you'd find a way to employ technology and tools to create your life.

And that's the conclusion I came to about things like NLP and this community website, which is great and beautiful.

And I applaud everyone on the site that sees it this way. 


It's a different type of self-devleopment. This isnt the airy-fairy crowd at all.

So I'm glad to come to this realization and be on board with you all. 



Update on Charisma Generator:

I don't know if it's me because I haven't seriously used the subliminals yet, but I catch people glancing at me sometimes.

Other than that, there hasn't been much. I'll always continue to update you here!


Dream Journal:


I usually have dreams like the one that follows. Ever since Michael Jackson passed I have repeated dreams where we would meet and talk. He'd talk about producing, album making and all sorts of other stuff. It's usually very real and personal. 


Sometimes I'd be in a dark theatre watching his last "film" This Is It, and I'd cry in-dream and we'd..mourn together. Like I'd hold him and I'd cry not wanting him to do. And he'd eventually leave the theatre I guess.


Well this didn't happen this time. Prince passed recently. I think we were in a bar. The topic of this dream was songwriting and playing instruments. Then he performed for me. I always loved a good raspy scream. 


Anyways I can't remember much but it did feel real. I often have dreams of auditioning and sending demo's to particular producers I'm fond of. Especially one I won't name. But he'd always decide to move me out of my apartment to become his sort of 'student' under his wing. That specific dream happens more than once. They're always super fun to have I really enjoy them because they feel so real. One time I was even in a classroom setting.


Anyways that's a lot of jumping around... ^^" I guess I'll close this dream journal here then.



Question: What would you have done with my roomie's remark? And how would you handle distracting roomies that just want you to hang out with them all day? 


This is it for now, I hope it wasn't too long. Also thanks Athena for answering ;]




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Today is interesting. Wherever I go I tend to catch people eye-balling me or smiling. 

I got on a bus today and this old woman couldn't stop complimenting me.

From the moment I stepped onto the bus she stared at me and smiled and couldn't STOP.

It was endearing. I havent really been using the subliminals as seriously quite yet but I do plan to.

I just feel the minute I go into a crowd I suddenly attract a degree of attention.

I kind of love like it.


I usually visualize highly magnetic, seductive beams coming from my eyes and locking people into trance. 

The light flickers from purple and turqoise/teal. But this was just visualization in passing.


I also am VERY buzzed because I had two cups of coffee today and I'm running on only about 2-3 hours of sleep.

I stayed up thinking a lot last night. 


I cant imagine how these programs will work when I actually journal and use them seriously..wow.

It's like I turn into a totally different person. And I like it, because that person seems to be more of my actual self than not.


I believe I'll be placing an update somewhere on my thread about more information on my goals, dreams and programs I'm using.  

Much much more clarity should be on this thread, it'll be good to put myself out there and chronicle the events, and also explain even more about myself. Should be interesting. Stay tuned.



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"But I'm back. And wow am I excited. Even in times of resistance I remind myself, resistance is not you. It's something you can overcome. Especially if you just talk to yourself. I like to find the belief that holds me back and reverse it, and repeat that a few times and focus on why it MUST be true. 100% of resistance is untrue anyways.


So tonight I'm re-writing my newly found, juiced up objectives.

I think something that's so important is when we write out what we want and our dreams that we need to be raw. 

Dont think about what's expected of you, whats "right" to want. These are projections from dogma. That's not who you are. 

And dogma breeds resistance. By the end of it you're wrapped up in an image that doesnt belong to who you really are.

You need to be honest"


little_hearts.gif(AH! so THAT'S how Light does it!) this so much.

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So today was a little unexpected.

I was in class when I got a text from a friend wondering if I'd like to help out at the office.

I don't know why but I just said yes. I have a required amount of volunteer hours needed and I thought this would be a good chance to get started early, even though I had plans today.


I headed over and wow. I mean, it was another night of not really using this program as religiously (I've been caught up)

But wow. I definitely feel more open than I used to be. And people seem to initiate conversation easily too. Mind you I played that through the night without much effort. I just said "subconcious, make me like..." and repeated that and imagined a scenario. And fell asleep.


I'm itching to use it fully and see its total power. Must be amazing.

I met someone interesting today. He was very similar to me in his passion for art, specifically theatre.

He's also interested in music and songwriting and singing too so :)

He's so driven and amazing. It'd be cool to get around someone with the same fire as me.


So I got his contact info. Will definitely keep in contact with him.

Good connection today!


I also met one other person today from my home town.

Then someone I dont really talk to invited me to a house party.

And then I noticed, that same person (on a lesser note), I noticed him wearing an outfit I had put together that he said he'd get for himself. It was amusing to me. 


I'm beginning to enjoy talking and opening up to people more.

Was awesome meeting someone as passionate as me.



Dream Journal

I keep having music-related, very vivid dreams.

Not that I'm complaining, I always enjoy them.

Not going much into this one except saying it involved my new friend this time ^^


Till Next Time,




P.S: Tiny Next Day Edit [Charisma Generator]


Today was much of the same effect. Lots of head turns, people seem to openly want to interact with me more. 

Even with people I'm not directly interacting with, they seemed to smile at my words or feel more open.

I feel like I'm slowly opening up to crowds more and more. I don't know what it is.

For whatever reason, around people I just transform? I just begin to enjoy it.


Today I introduced myself to my new class. I was asked a question and you know all that icebreaker stuff.

I don't know what it is but people seemed to just be totally absorbed into me. 

We were asked to write a haiku, I'll spear you the details. 

By the time I was done I could audibly hear people gasp and someone in the crowd was like "that was cool."

"wow" etc. People were looking into me and smiling. And then the professor turned around and said

"You have a nice voice."


I make a choice to write down these moments. It's important to me, hopefully it's entertaining to you as well ;]

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Today is just a story from my life really.


Recently I'm experiencing the benefits of the charisma generator. That's great.

I get compliments, stares, smiles, people introduce themselves to me.

But something didn't feel right.

I still sometimes look in the mirror and say "this isnt enough".

"I dont like my appearance. Im trying so hard.'


Well. Today I figured something would help me freshen my mind.

I cut all my hair off.

Yes. All of it. Off.

It was dramatic. I look like a hairless cat.


It's a reminder to myself. A bit extreme. But yes.

It's a reminder to myself of where I came from.

It's a reminder of myself before I begin my journey years ago.


It's a reminder that no amount of fancy clothes, hair, makeup, shoes--nothing matters there.

What matters is inside. How YOU feel. Who YOU are.

And after a while I clinged so hard to my physical appearance.

Well. Now it's time to start over.


When I was an insecure child, beginning my journey, my parents would shave me bald.

When I was more mature and moved out and began developing myself, I grew my hair way out.

A lot of people liked it. I got compliments. I changed my appearance. I felt like cutting it all off would be returning to the basics.

A reminder of who you are, where you come from.


It's also a symbol of transformation to me.

This isn't a game to me anymore.

This isn't a lofty goal.

It's a symbol to me that I will return to state zero. Start all over again.

I will go back to that state and rebuild my life.

And that's what hair was for me.

All that build up and maturation and "things" you thought were important.

Return to your true self.


Right now I'm in my room.

I'm insecure again.

All those insults and jokes that people told me when I was bald.

They've returned.

I look into the mirror and tell myself.

Under all of the glitter you were still that boy.


This is your chance.

if you really want to change yourself fundamentally.

This is it.


I'm about to step out my room to my roomates.

I almost can't bear their reaction.

But at the same time it reminds me.

This is the time for evolution.


Thank you all Subliminal Family for watching.

I love you all. Thank you for supporting me.



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  • 2 weeks later...

Hey again, Subliminal Family.


Its been a very long time since Ive posted. With good reason. Ive been busy achieving my own goals.


Good quedtion Light.

I'm an artist, craftsman thats determined to bring entertainment and music to billions of people. And to also use that affluence to inspire people and their worlds.


Ive been working on every aspect of my life. I dont have much to say right now. No matter what resistance comes my way, my mindset will stay the same. Im going to do it. Its possible. Period.


On another note heres what I have found out.


Law of Attraction: The things that I think about..actually happen. I noticed that if Im in a determined sort of mode and I always say something along the lines of "itd be great if...". At some point within the day or week it happened.


Subliminal Tracks: they work. Period. If you follow the instructions and your own heart consistantly and faithfully.


Which I havent been doing.


But ill begin.


It seems like they dont work with bluetooth speakers as I havent felt the same effect when I sleep with headphones.


Its just that I feel like headphones and sleep are not good for your ears. But Ill do it anyways. They tend to fall off too but that doesnt seem to matter much. Idk.


More updates soon.



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"Subliminal Tracks: they work.  Period. If you follow the instructions and your own heart consistantly and faithfully.

Which I havent been doing.

But ill begin."



That's really encouraging, Loozid.

I can relate to that.  I HAVE had some results from them too and there's also something in the pipeline I'm looking forward to sharing here when it's complete!  I can also relate to that aim to build up the consistency.  


Thank you for such an encouraging post and I am glad things are going well. 

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  • 2 weeks later...

Hello everyone.

It's me again. So here is the recap of what's happened since my short hiatus.

Buckle up, it's gonna be another long post. 


PS. In the middle of typing this, I'm not even sure how many of you will read all of it.

I've put it all down here anyways, just in case.


Law of Attraction

Gee, there really is something bigger at work here isn't it.

Things that I think about seem to come to pass more regularly.

I'll have examples down below but wow. I listened to a product I bought "self confidence".

I told myself listening to the dual induction hypnosis will probably help me with my internal congruence as well.

Could've been that. Whatever it is it's real.



Networking is so important. I learn that this week. I've connected with someone with a very similar dream to mines.

Not that it's a competition, far from that. We've decided to help each other, sharpen each other's skills and we're both interested in the entertainment industry.


Someone else I know is getting mentored by someone at a huge entertainment company (I don't think I should mention it for business purposes). I met him on a public bus. By TOTAL non-coincidence (law of attraction reference), because for whatever reason I took a bus too early for my class and met him there with another friend that introduced me.


Just know the agency his mentor works for is huge. I also found a rapper, whose uncle discovered the likes of a few famous bands etc (which I also won't mention, for personal reasons).


My writing professor (who seems to be very well into her profession) is in love with my writing. She literally has said it out loud.

It's not like it matters, but I do appreciate the sentiment that people enjoy what I write. I've learnt that artists and pro's dont let criticism or praise get to their head.


There's a goldmine around me. It's important to network and be capable of charisma. I've slowed way down with the subliminals because 1) my headphones got damaged by water 2) I gave my ears a break  3) Last week's schedule seemed very challenging. Which parrys into the next point.


Personal Schedule and Learning

Many of you may be wondering what my personal schedule is like. Here's a rough outline.


6.30-7 AM (Wake Up, Breakfast, Shower, Get Ready)

7.-8 AM (Subliminal Work)

8.-9 (Morning Vocal Exercises)

9.-12.20 (School + Getting Back Home) //By Now I've Walked about 5 Miles in Distance on my Commute//

1.-3.00(Daily Cardio of 5 Miles, Resistance Training & Maintenance Workout)

3.-5. (Lessons on Songwriting) //This is a Generalization//

5.-8.00 (Dedicated Block to College Courses)

8.9 (Dedicated Block to Personal Reading)

9.-10 (Subliminal Work for the Night)

10.-6.30 (Sleep, Subliminals on both headphones and speakers)


This is repeated in different formats depending on the day.


As you can see my days are kept busy hour-by-hour.

Well it's been quite the hassle attempting to actually DO the schedule.

It's about week 3 and I still haven't nailed it. At first I thought I was a failure. That maybe it's just that I dont want this enough.

But I'm extremely hard on myself. And I mean to be because its neccessary.

I have, however, chosen to forgive myself for the mistakes I've made.


It's not a mistake that I can't learn from. I've learnt alot about what it takes to motivate myself to do things and move past the fear of success. The truth is I'm beginning to believe that the goals I want..it's an objective FACT that they can happen.


I've learn to plan more effectively and largely push people away who have nothing to contribute to the goal.

Planning doesn't make you win. Doing does. So I've began to switch gears and learn by doing.


I have made progress though.

-My body's began to change once I switched my diet and began exercising. 

-My mindset has changed such that I'll actually be moving forwards in anticipation and forgiveness for my past mistakes regarding my schedule and self-keep. 

-I've also learnt SO MUCH regarding the lessons I've been taking, and that those mentors around me were right.

-I have no IDEA how fucking awesome I am. Holy shit. This only pushes me to keep going and blow the lid off clean with my capabilities.


Those Who Aren't With You are the Enemy.

Let me tell you a story of what happened and how I came to this conclusion.

I've got a friend that works as an official at the college I go to. We become pretty cool and he's been letting me get away with free mandatory community service hours work at his office often. I've been getting along with the staff so much, I managed to complete all my hours before the first month of the semester's even passed. I've been sitting in for a friend who was ill and couldn't get here for a week. Which was PERFECT for my needs (law of attraction, right) because every day I'd tell myself it'd be awesome if I could finish this in a week. And more and more opportunities would come up. And then I met this dude I mentioned earlier and we're helping each other out. And all that stuff.


My last day was a mess, because apparently even though I made sure to confirm that I'd be coming in at a certain hour, my spot was taken by someone who "needed it more than I did". I was pretty upset (although not outwardly).  *I still managed to bargain all my hours that same day so it turned out all right*. 


I told the lady there I do have things to do today. (Which is my schedule of course. I took time out to specifically attend to getting hours for the whole week so it was pretty out of sync for a while). She told me to come back later. So I went and sat down. My roomate just happened to be there and said "You don't even do anything. You're always in your room and I know you're doing nothing in there."


Boy did that get me pissed as hell. I wanted to just flip a table and go off. Which I didn't, I held it in. But I did say

"Just because all you do is go home and watch movies all day doesn't mean I'm not doing something."

Seriously it bugs me very much that people outside my very personal inner circle always seem to never understand my dreams and goals and what I'm trying to do when I allude to myself being busy. It hurts actually, because I felt like it negated what I was trying to do.


But it's taught me a tough lesson. People that don't get it don't deserve it. 

I've even ranted to my brother about it over the phone. He told me the same thing essentially.

He suggested that I ignore them and do my own thing and possibly seek to move out later.


It's largely a non-issue though. The thing is, I enjoy so much being around people with powerful visions. I know this because the people I did meet, it felt like we connected on such a deep level.

It just feels like these folk are extremely lackluster and I cant afford that mentality around myself. Yes I know I mention this often, but it was a great life lesson that allowed me to come up with this phrase "those that don't understand are the enemy". It's to be taken in the way that those who aren't on your level of drive or understanding, they're not your friends.


Knives sharpen knives. So you can't get involved with people made out of butter.



So in summary I've learnt these few things: 


- Mistakes made are lessons learnt. No mistake cant block you from success, just another way to tell you to try something different, take another step. You never step backwards.


-Confidence is key. You've got it. Just keep going and blow the lid off. It's possible. And it's necessary to believe you are the one. You're the one to make it happen.


-Winners Win. Losers Lose. A plan without action is just delusion.


-People that don't understand don't deserve your time.


Self Transformation

So this comes to the part at which I'm writing right now.

I've retooled myself. I'm reloaded and ready to take on next week with the lessons I've learnt.




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Hey subliminal family!


Just a quick update about the "Social Magnetism" track on the Charisma Generator product. I was thinking of not putting this up. It felt like I was giving away some sort of secret and by doing so I'd give up my new found, growing power. But that's egotistical bull. I believe in giving back, especially when someone like George and his community have proven to me that they aren't snake oil salesmen. Besides, giving is recieving. There's enough of everything we want to go around in abundance here. So this journal also helps to put away those old beliefs of scarcity competition.


So here we go,


I've been really going into the charisma generator. I've obviously seen results. I'm choosing to put them here and what I did as a testimony to it's working.

Not only have my inner beliefs and self-talk changed (I genuineley believe in both the affirmations and my ability to attract poeple), I found myself more outgoing and cheerful because of it.

Much more pleasant.


People seem to be drinking the Kool-Aid when it comes to me haha!

I do knowledge I get looks. Smiles. Many people have complimented the way I talk and my voice.

A psychic the other day called me beautiful haha.

I've noticed when I speak, people tend to really listen and the room falls silent. 


I experience it most strongly with one of my writing classes.


Well, because this is the onlly class I have where we can talk freely and communicate ourselves.

So this shows to me that whenever I am in this sort of environment i seem to attract people greatly.


Gerardo gave me some great advice (thanks dude), about surrendering and allowing the affirmations. Really that's the best thing for me to go in with that mindset.

To allow these tracks to dictate and define you as they see it, alongside your own goals.


I love to come up with compelling visualizations.


I think about a scene like this. When I saw it last night, I just fell in love with it.


Have any of you read "The Art of Seduction"? 

It's also my read as of late.

Visualize yourself as an object of desire, like pygmalion and his statue.

You absorb the love and worship of those who gaze upon the statue that wish to possess you.

You are an object of possession and peopel are magnetically drawn to you.

Wether its your personality, voice, or physical appearance.

I imagine absorbing large channels of attention and love/passion/affection from wide spans of people around me.


I also love choosing out the affirmations I really like and focusing on those.

Maybe I'll explain what I want from that affirmation, what it means to me and write a bit about it.

Or write it over and over.


Here's something my visualization may look like!



I like to do 2 weeks on one track. So I can imagine how much more powerful the charisma will become once I've done ALL of them in this way!



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I'm writing this as it just happened a while ago.

Today I made a joke (it wasn't a one-liner so I wont explain it all).

By the end of the scenario my roommate was literally on the floor in her pajamas crying and laughing at the same time.

RED with tears and laughter.

And then she recorded a voice note of the scenario.

And now that scenario is having a very similar effect on everyone in our circle.

Albeit, it's for her laugh and telling of it. She has a HILARIOUS laugh.

But my set up was pretty hilarious, if I do say so myself haha.


Social Magnetism.



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