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I would love to be money smart . So after a lot of digging asking questions like

I am not money smart because I lack present moment awareness.

I lack present moment awareness because I'm co dependent...

And on it went till I reached a point where the two main crippling beliefs in being money smart is being assertive and I fear to be assertive because of the fear of conflict.


How do I reframe this fear of conflict ? People fear to assert themselves because of fear of conflict. Sometimes being assertive then goes too far and instead you become aggressive..which isn't a good thing especially if you want to get your point across in a business discussion. Please help.

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There is a HUGE difference between assertiveness and aggressiveness, although the two are commonly confused.


Being assertive not only means stating your boundaries and desires, but completely ACCEPTING the other person's response. There's NEVER any need for conflict,  only repeat yourself, as in the case of  boundaries.


"I don't like it when you....


"When you.. I feel..."


"When you... I want to ..."


"money smart" means handling money? saving money? making money?

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