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Covert Hypnosis Unappreciated Classic


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You know George this is a fascinated book you made "Covert Hypnosis."

I think it's fascinating because you practically install the patterns right into.


At the very least you help us "remember" the patterns more easy.


This is the type of book that falls under peoples' radar because they don't quite see the value you have done here.


I myself wasn't sure, but I realized the more I read the book the more I was learning.


It almost felt like I didn't have to do anything because you know my brain was just automatically receiving the information.


The book made me lull in and out of trance several times.


What a fine piece of art 




Gerardo :)



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I really do like that one, actually.  

I want to really learn the knowledge in it well.

I've used it in one way quite effectively and it's helped me make a little bit of pocket money!  More than the cost of the book of course!

and I'd like to be able to use it in some more ways.  


I wrote out examples of it and typed them and I've used it a bit.


Want to really master it cos I think it could be really REALLY effective stuff.  Want to learn it inside and out! 


Anyway, basically, bottom line is I highly HIGHLY recommend the book (and there's also a program) on Covert Hypnosis George has.

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