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Limitless, NZT, Self-Hypnosis...

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I am going to give a review of George Hutton's products.


First, understand that I come here with over 40 years of self-hypnosis experience. I can literally say that self-hypnosis has changed my life and that I am a very advanced practitioner. (Please note that I do not sell anything even distantly related to hypnosis.)



A couple of months back I discovered the TV series Limitless on NetFlix. Aside from loving the series, I was intrigued by the very concept of taking a pill and getting a huge IQ boost for 12 hours or so.


Having used self-hypnosis for so many things - everything from mitigating pain to breaking addictions to soda and Snickers bars - I decided that I like the idea of creating an IQ boost hypnosis session. Long ago I created an "Extreme Focus" self-hypnotic process for myself and use it several times each day. It is highly effective.


The idea of "taking a genius pill" was so intriguing that I decided to create that hypnotic script for myself. It seemed to work and I found that my productivity was enhanced somewhat.


I began searching for hypnosis recordings on the internet relating to Limitless. I actually found quite a few, but all of them were aimed at increasing IQ permanently.


I seriously doubt that is possible but how would I know if that is true? (Not trying to brag, but I already have what most people would consider to be an extremely high IQ and the idea of pushing it into the 200+ range... well, I just did not think that was a possibility.


HOWEVER... the idea that I could get my brain to work better-faster-more efficiently, etc. for ONE HOUR AT A TIME is a concept that I could easily accept.



George's Free Limitless mp3

So, I downloaded George's FREE Limitless mp3 and, when I went into my "genius pill" light hypnotic state, I would always listen to the mp3 on my headphones.


You only have my word for this but my productivity has gone through the roof!


I write artificial intelligence software for people who bet on horse races. I've been a programmer for over 35 years. I track my work based upon estimates of my time to do a specific task list. As you can imagine, after this long, I am pretty good at estimating how long it takes me to do a handful of tasks.




In the past 10 days or so I am literally writing code and completing tasks about 4 TIMES FASTER!


I mean, that I have literally scheduled tasks that I estimated would take me 6-8 hours of work and gotten them done in 90 minutes!


Here's the real kicker... I seem to need 2.5 hours of sleep LESS than I did 2 weeks ago!


That is it.


Take it for what it's worth to you. Thanks, George!




Dave Schwartz

PS: Just so you know that I am a real person, here is my website:








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cool im so excited to try this now. any tips, for this particular type of hypnosis? i wonder if it has a down like the NZT lol 😂. I also see you are a punter? im also have interest in gamble software any tips for that, particularly interested in soccer betting ? 

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