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Always Have Backup, Bodyguards everywhere you go


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I second that. Elite security. Protection from thugs and danger. Violence and deceitful people. Male and female. Productive and safe environment surroundings for life. Protection from evil. Move up to the good life.

But always shrewd to be aware and have know how of your environment at all times. Can't be taken advantage of by your own security or your high profile accountants for that matter. Having sex with women without worrying about being harmed-diseases threatened-jealous boyfriends or blackmailed-to use you bc your a nice guy. Can smell a set up a mile away. Male and female. Celebrity lifestyle people envy. Shrewd celebrity lifestyle without the downside. Think George Clooney bf he was married. Or even after! Avoid extortion and blackmail traps. From males and females. Real protection from jealous people. And they know it. So leave you alone. It goes without saying. Used to be the secret service and the president. But I think you get the idea. Protection from the dark side of success. Sort of like a mastermind. I can defend myself. But also need others to protect me from organized crime and gangs once you make it. Elite security. No evil plot against you will prosper... Protection from the darkside of success. Trust but verify...

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