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Mastery - Robert Green


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If you're on the path to mastering anything in life at all - this is the book to read. It talks about the entire process, and how enjoyable it can be, from different points of view. Charles Darwin, Einstein, Mozart, etc. are all historical figures deeply examined within this book. If you're on your journey to mastering something and feeling a bit lost - great book to pick up and view things from the eyes of a Master Craftsman. 



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And thank you for recommending it to me too.

One thing I have noticed about this book is that on both amazon.co.uk AND amazon.com it has predominantly positive reviews, lots of 5 and 4 star reviews so it is highly rated by people who've gotten the book in the main.  Not ALL reviewers liked it and there WERE some low reviews but the vast majority were singing its praises.  

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