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How to increase intrinsic motivation, learning for its OWN sake?


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A couple of really cool things happened recently that were are like a push to learn and re-learn knowledge (and practice it too) on two subjects of great interest to me.  


Yet, and while I am asking this for me, it might be helpful to others here too:


As some of you said it CAN take years even to monetize it.  So I THINK one of the qualities of being entrepreneurial especially in the early states and maybe even for a while, is to have high intrinsic motivation and what that means in THIS case is that you are not ONLY motivated by the "external" rewards, such as the money and success, but also you can enjoy the INTRINSIC motivation; in this case the love of learning and building on the knowledge for its OWN sake etc.


I kind of AM a "life-long learner" anyway & these two things happening make me think hmm maybe I AM on the right path here, but what are some ways to increase that?  That tenacity to keep learning, to consolidate knowledge and experience even if it takes a LONG time to monetize that knowledge?


I actually DID make a LITTLE money in the past from some of it, but only enough to cover the costs of a course I did on some of it.  Still.  That's something :-)  And to be honest, some of the things in George's Conversational Hypnosis book and courses have ALSO helped me make a little money!  So I HAVE had SOME of the extrinsic stuff already ;-)


But I THINK as driven as entrepreneurs are to succeed, to make money, to be recognized as a leader in their field and so on, for some of us, there HAS to be that...finding the joy in the journey, getting excited about learning new knowledge and so on and I think patience!  


I certainly have SOME of this, and I DO have passion towards those subjects that I will be re-learning and building on my knowledge and experience in anyway and they fascinate me,


how can I and anyone else wanting to increase this, increase it?  Kinda like what Jerry was saying in that thing about setting goals that are not necessarily about outcome but might be about for e.g. the action?

OK here's an example around what he said, like me finishing reading the book I already have and writing/typing out the main parts would be an action-based action.  As well as USING them.  Even if for free.  Using them to get the knowledge and experience.


Does what I am saying make sense at all?

I guess it's like training for a marathon.  You don't know if you will win the marathon but committing yourself to the training, committing yourself to TRY and really GO for it.  And finding ways to enjoy the training too.  Yes, eyes on the prize can certainly HELP and is ALSO advisable but I THINK finding ways to enjoy the "training" is really helpful in not giving up.  


So I think part of what motivates IS focusing on those extrinsic rewards, how it will feel to get the money, the acclaim, the success and so on.  But also I THINK it can help increase your patience along the way to ALSO find a love of the journey itself.  I think BOTH types of motivation - extrinsic AND intrinsic - are important on the road to entrepreneurship or they, well they CAN be. 

You don't HAVE to have both to succeed, actually, but I would still like to know how to increase my intrinsic motivation and love the journey itself.

Cos I know it can be a fun ride. (And part of me DOES love the thought of my smart self getting even smarter and increasing those neurological connections!)

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A common mindset for successful entrepreneurs is to have I am doing this for the people.


"I am helping the people."


The point is by setting that as their main intention they can somewhat trick themselves and others into doing the RIGHT BEHAVIORS.


For example, if I put in my mind "I want to help people" I am more likely to get paid.




Because now I will adjust my behaviors that are more suitable in helping me get paid.


The thing is people do this unconsciously... So you want to set it unconsciously which is the whole point of covert hypnosis.


It kinda just needs to slip in without much conscious effort or "willpower."


If I set my mindset to "I HATE THE WORLD."


I am least likely to getting paid and getting sex.




Because now I will be pushing people away and shutting myself down.


The first mindset or intention creates the effect of opening yourself up.


Let's say your PRIMARY GOAL is to meet a boyfriend who goes to the gym because you like guys with six pack.


What you do is say to yourself " I want to go to the gym."  Or maybe " I need to get in shape." 


You will know what it means without using much conscious energy.


Funnily this is like when we are being politically correct we making it EASIER and SOFTER.


In both cases, they know what after subconsciously.


They want to get paid or they want sex, whatever.


But there is something psychological about reframing it in the more MORALLY RIGHT way.


It makes us feel like a good person.


It makes us want to do the right things.



What's your PRIMARY GOAL

REFRAME IT to something else....


IE: I want money becomes I want to help people

I want sex becomes I want to go to the bar

I want a boyfriend/ girlfriend becomes I want to meet new people

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I think you're asking what sustains the motivation during the journey? 


Generally, the motivation cannot be those that you have listed. There is something deeper driving them. It can be a very strong emotion, deep inside of you. This is why I posted some Napoleon Hill quotes a couple weeks ago on how important a woman's love was for a man, and how the man performed or produced at a much greater level when that was driving him. The man will do everything he can to impress the woman he loves. When it was just sex, man wasn't nearly as motivated. 


The perfect example I have is with my part-time job. I needed to make some extra stable money. I switched through a couple jobs, and had many more interviews. Nothing to be rang right, until I decided to join a political campaign. 


What were they talking about? Well, attempting to push California in the right direction, and being in the middle of all that was exciting for me, personally. Protecting the environment? Lowering taxes? Adding funds to the police department to fight drug cartels and gang violence? etc. there were causes I cared about. While the other part-time jobs might have paid more, you don't need to tell me twice to help out a candidate who's genuinely trying his best to make these things work. Deep inside, I was infuriated on the way things were running in my state. For me, it was a sense of purpose. Retiring at 30 would not give me the satisfaction than making a big difference for my state, I know this now. My financial freedom is still important so I am still engaged in the StockMarket, Real Estate,etc. but neither has given me the satisfaction that working in a campaign part-time has. 


There was a girl I knew, who was on a weight loss journey for THREE YEARS. THREE YEARS. She lost almost 70 lbs. What sustained her? All her life she was treated a certain way, and she wanted to show off her 10/10 personality/looks in front of those that looked down on her, etc. She would lose faith in herself, but I provided her emotional support during those times (this, by the way, is why groups of supportive friends are VERY IMPORTANT). 


Whatever it is, you will have to look inside yourself, see how much you truly care about something, and then go for that. When this happens, you will automatically sustain yourself during the journey. Have you not found people with a sense of purpose to be more attractive? The purpose can be love, the purpose can be making your voice heard, etc. 

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I wanted to add to Jerry's post.


Generally you have your basic needs -


Food, Shelter, a Partner.


Once these are taken care of, what would you do with your life? This decision comes from a space of pure freedom, so it's best you ask yourself that. 


For many that's saving the world in whatever way they can. It sounds like humans have high moral values, etc. but in reality every species that we consider to be less evolved engages in communities where everyone plays a part to help each other out and create something beautiful. Find something higher, and you will sustain yourself during the journey. 


I also suggest that you read Mastery, by Robert Greene. 

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