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What tiny tiny baby steps can I take?


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I have get only about 4 hours a day max to myself at the moment - except for weekends and school holidays but by that time I am SO tired and I'm sick of seeing other people on my facebook say they practically poop out coaching products and programs and make it sound like they snap their fingers and get clients.  Whereas I tried for a year and only got one.  And one of my mates has teamed up with two people way more successful and now they do spiritual workshops together.


But, that's THEIR journey, not mine and I still want to know what BABY steps I can take.  


You know? 


For me it might be a matter of the odd baby step here and there and one day my empire is finally built :-)


Well, so, OK, there's the subs and programs here.  

When the UK pound dipped a lot yesterday at first I was gutted and I thought OK let's not spend my paypal money until it rises again and I can get a better exchange with USD.  THEN I thought wait a minute.  I've got a converter but I've never watched exchange rates daily, why not use this is a chance to start, and learn a tiny bit more about money.


So I will.


And step by step I could revise things like mmm coaching stuff, NLP, hypnosis stuff etc.


So that at least it's fresh in my mind.  Cos at one point I had literally a couple of opportunities but I didn't feel like I knew my stuff well enough.  


And I don't want to go down the selling someone else's product route, that's never really appealed to me.  I love singing but apparently I sound like Cindy Lauper and SHE SUCKS. 


Part of the issue for me is marketing.  I SUCK SOOOOOOOOO MUCH at it!

But if I could get a deal like my friend - as in I could team up with others yes it could work.

I don't see why entrepreneur has to also mean solopreneur.

I don't think it DOES have to!


So I think part of my long-term plan entails working on my charisma and so on.  

And building relationships.


I also started to learn coding.  It's not a passion but it's something I could do a bit, you know? And that's NOT TEACHING!!


But even though I could do the html and some css, for some reason I couldn't get the site online.  I HAVE made three websites though, one years ago when coding was easier, and two just with a templated site - not 3 and 2 guys use theirs for their businesses!!!  But one of those businesses is in Egypt so that probably doesn't count!  I got their websites started though.  


The only other things people want to give me money for is sex (nope! not happening!) or kinky stuff like to financially Dominate them in return for small gifts LOL.  For one, I'm quite restricted even if I DID want to pursue that like I think I could learn erotic hypno LOLLL but heck man I am a teacher FFS it's almost as bad as being a politician in terms of having to keep your nose clean and avoiding scandal! I will keep learning normal hypno though, at least, at a level that financially I can afford to.  


ANYWAY! after THAT big long post!  

What are some teeny tiny litle baby steps I can take?


like I said, reviewing what I already know is one.  Starting to check exchange rates daily, even if it just starts with UK to USD ones at the beginning is another.  And a third of course is use the subs and programs here to help.


But the brilliant people here might also have ideas you wish to share?

Bare in mind I live in the UK not US, (though I wasn't born here or there) and my day job at the moment entails a LOT of hours and I can't afford to leave it. (YET!) 


I was a supply teacher (sub) for a few years and I tried the odd thing then but money has become a huge issue and again I lack the marketing skills I need to be effective!  I've tried, you know?

But I'm not giving up yet!


So what baby steps?


Thanks in advance :-)








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You need to decide what your life ambition is - i.e. related to your career. 


I've watched the secret about 3 years ago and been on my wealth building journey for around 6 months now. 


Some things I've learned:


- No easy way out is worth it. 

- Your dream requires sacrifices

- Anything worth it will take time. Years, possibly.


The big weakness of the LoA community by far is refusing to acknowledge objective reality. What I mean by objective reality is the place where this world is in RIGHT NOW. So the fact still is, STEM professionals get paid more. If you want to live your dream job - the fact still is, it's gotta provide service that everyone on the planet wants. The only way to be financially secure, objectively, is either A) STEM or B ) You're a master at your craft. 


So you might go take the B ) route, because this route can be more magical.  


I'd pick a craft you genuinely love, and spend hours on it consistently for a few years. It's going to take years, regardless of what you think now. 


The craft could be web design, jewlery design, whatever you want. It can be artistic or technical. However, you'll have to train yourself to mastery. The things you have listed, you can be great it... Sales, for example. I am doing a part-time sales job at present. So you could be in your teaching or sales job, and then spend a couple hours daily on your craft - and extended hours on the weekends. Once you're a master craftsmen, you'll automatically make money. Automatically. Yes, you might have to spend time on marketing, but not as much as you think. An amazing product will sell regardless. 


One more thing - don't compare. Just don't compare yourself to others. Your life is your life, theirs is theirs. This is where all the mistakes in society happen - envy. People get envious of a certain person's lifestyles, follow that route, and wonder why they didn't find happiness. I in fact did this mistake earlier in my journey - wanted to be an actor, but now I realize I just wanted that rich actor lifestyle, and wasn't super into the craft of acting itself. Also, you don't know everything they go through - the idea you posted there about it being easy for them is an exaggeration. Always. We exaggerate how others have it easy. 


Final thing I wanted to note is ENERGY. When you do what you love, you will automatically have the energy to do it daily. Time WILL fly when you do what you love. I have noticed this along my journey as well. So ensure that whatever craft you DO end up picking, you can fall in love with doing this craft for years to come, and a lifetime quite possibly. 


One last thing - when you look at a craft and go I CAN DO THIS ALL DAY LONG - you've got what it is you can spend the next few years on. 

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That's a fantastic and very helpful reply, Light, thank you ever so much.


Honestly, I don't KNOW what to focus on though.  I'd like to be doing life coaching & NLP with clients around whatever they want it on really.  And, yes, I actually quite liked doing that, I like helping people reach their own goals.  Apart from that, like I said, maybe singing, but I see to have little talent, although I'm told I am a "passionate" singer - big deal, passionate singing doesn't sell, TALENT does!  But I might try to save up for singing lessons and see if that helps.  So apart from those two things, there's nothing in particular calling my name at the moment.  I don't know how to make products, like coaching products, wish I did.  Ha ha or even subs!  I also don't even HAVE a mailing list of any sort, I am on facebook though.  But what you said about the keep doing it even if for years, that is encouraging somehow.  In fact, a lot.  Says to me even though it didn't work after 1 year, that doesn't have to mean it's the end of the story.  I'd quite like to do what my friend does - workshops with others - and he and I and two others did some free ones before and even our own "retreat" but it was more just for our friends, like 8 regulars from the group I used to run turned up and didn't have to pay, we just paid for the hotel and food.  It was AMAZING though, we had our own conference room and everything.  

So, even though there's a lot I'm not sure of, your reply inspires me not to give up with the bits I DO know I like, and keep polishing my skills. Thank you so much.  You rock!

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If you have multiple interests, maybe you can figure out a way to combine them. If you read my wealth journal now, I am in multiple areas to make it financially. You don't have to be specialized and you can be more of a renaissance woman. Maybe you can be a Coach (there's a ton of these out there and I recommend picking a specialization), Teacher, Singer and Web Designer at the same time. Sounds like a lot but if you can schedule your day fine it'll work out and you'll draw from multiple areas financially for a colorful life.


I wanted to note with your singing is that you can straight up start a Youtube Channel for that. You don't need super luck in this day and age to get discovered. 


I am 100% with you on groups. Groups working together can help a lot, as everyone holds each other accountable and you're motivated to work automatically. Also, with the relationships you build in these groups, your life becomes far more fulfilling. 


Whatever you decide to do, ensure you're in it for the long haul. 


I can be doing this all day long. 

If no one were looking, I'd automatically be doing this anyway. 




I think you already know how you want to go about it. I would get away from the computer for a thinking trip for some time, and journal down your thoughts. It'll come to you. 







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The most important thing is to do SOMETHING every day. It doesn't matter what. Just that you have an hour or so every day where you do goal directed activity, even if you aren't sure what you're goal is. The more feedback you get from your daily activity, the more clarity you'll get.


This can be as simple as starting a free blog and posting an article a day. Anything, so long as it's consistent, and you always see it as  "learning exercise" instead of a "success or failure" exercise. 


If you continue, you'll naturally discover the things you enjoy doing that will eventually get you paid. It's a long road, but a necessary one.


Spend most of your free time doing, rather than thinking or wishing or wasting time.

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