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Hi everyone !

Here’s my point, I have a practitioner degree in ericksonian hypnosis (and practice a lot of nlp) and already had some clients. But to me personnaly, therapy is to help people and I really don’t care about making money out of it. (and don’t want to invest in marketing to find clients)

Therefore, I’m looking for a job for next september. What I want is : I want a job in chich I have a playground to practice and test different influence and persuasion techniques using language (I have a lot of ressources to learn the different language persuasion techniques but don’t have the necessary environment to test it). Mastering the language of influence and persuasion is really important for a bigger project in my life (too long to describe it here).

Plus, these techniques really passionate me ! So… I’m looking for a job where I’m exposed to changing the direction of someone’s thought in face-to-face conversation. I know selling is a good one, but I’m afraid it’s only designed for very short interactions, whereas I’m more looking for at least 15-40 minutes interactions.

I also thought about hospital work, where talking with people in order to empower them using persuasive language could be interesting to me. But if I chose that I must define better what kind of hospital work specifically and with what kind of people I want to work with.

Thanks for any help you can give !



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