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Best counter strike player


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I have the best reaction time

I have the best reflex

I have the best aim

I'm the best counter strike player in the world

i have godlike gamesense

No one can beat me

I have the best movement

I can easy beat anyone

My concentration is  the best

​I can make fast decisions

​My gamestyle is the fastest

​My gamestyle is the best

​I always want to warmup

I always want to improve myself

​I'm always full of energy

I will always train my skill to perfect

I don't need rest

I don't need recovery

I can headshot every one

My rhythm is the best

I can focus like best

They talk about my one taps

My mind is always sharp

My power is over nine thousand


English isn't my native language, so if there is any problem please fix it

And also please tell me by post under this topic when it's done :D

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