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Extreme affirmations and resistance

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I've been listening to some of the YouTube Videos and have bought the Income Stream Generator subliminal.


Regarding the YouTube videos where you can hear the affirmations, I wonder why some are so extreme. For example, one of the financial ones says "I am a billionaire". I have no desire under the sun to aspire to becoming a billionaire. Very few people can get to that level and maintain it. It seems to be totally extreme. Aspiring to be a millionaire seems a much more reasonable goal. Who really sees themselves as a billionaire?


Because of this disparity in desire and goals, I find it hard to listen to affirmations that are so extreme.


Same thing with an entrepreneurial video. It keeps on saying, "I make thousands of dollars an hour". I have no aspiration to develop my life to make thousands of dollars per hour. Again only a very few have the drive and will to get to a point where they can command that kind of money and who are willing to do what is necessary to maintain it.


Isn't it more reasonable for the subconscious mind to accept "I make hundreds per hour"? This is still very high and it seems a reasonable goal.


Does anyone else have this dilemma where they're not comfortable with the extremes that are stated in the affirmations? I just want to fill my mind with reasonable, yet still lofty goals without going over the top.


Thanks for any advice.

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I've been there. 


The temptation is this:


Well, there's this new thing that can get me everything I want! So If I listen to 10000 bucks an hour, even if I fall short, I will be making a lot! I can escape the system! Beat the system even!


Once people start the process, this is the way of thinking.


Eventually it evolves to a more rational understanding of things:


Well, I CAN make money, yes. But it'd mean I am putting all nighters in, I am putting a whole lot of work, The understanding that Warren Buffet earned 99% of his wealth after the age of 50!, etc. 


Once people realize this, all they do is get to work. Generally the best sort of hypnosis is motivating you daily, and re-affirming that this is an adventure, a journey, and that you'll have to keep at it to attain your dream life. It all comes down to putting in work, day in, day out, and enjoying the journey. 

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It never occurred to me to make it within reach, so to speak. I set the goal to have a castle, and on one day, I drive in the middle of Los Angeles, and in a fairly normal residential area... I find what? Your average home, designed like a medieval castle!


I felt it would be pretty damned cool to ride a batmobile, and not too long after that, I run into a Slingshot, right outside the local restaurant. Not quite a batmobile, but it certainly had the feel, esp. at night. You just wanna take it out for a great ride. 





Human beings will always aspire for more. That's not going to change. Only thing to be aware of, is, big goals require big sacrifices. If you ain't ready to make em, it's not going to happen. 

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I bought the Income Stream Generator subliminal too!It s awesome!But i have a question.Which is the difference between income stream generator and a new one subliminal called Wealth tuning?Which is better and whats the difference?I forgot to say that i am ready to be a billionaire and accept the sacrifices like dump my family and friends.

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There are horizon goals and milestone goals.

You need both to succeed.

Consider that it may be helpful to be going TOWARD being a billionaire, and at the same time, being OK if you never get there.

No matter WHAT your goals are, you will need to set a new one as soon as any one of them is achieved.

Different people treat this different ways.

Some are content to only set short term, achievable, goals, knowing they will keep setting new ones once they achieve them.

Others are better with huge "horizon goals" like becoming a billionaire, knowing that so long as they keep going in that direction, they'll be fine.

Also understand the subconscious (contrary to popular belief) doesn't really speak in literal language. It is much more metaphorical.

All of the subliminals are designed to create a "sum total effect" where the overall beliefs and resulting behaviors will stem from how each individual's subconscious interprets all statements COLLECTIVELY.

This is also why having a strong clear INTENTION along with the statements is vital. 

Subliminal Effect = Sum Total of Statements + Visualized Intention + Daily Journaling And Behavior


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