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Believe and Thy Shall Receive


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This is a short phrase from the bible that has been around for such a long time.


After, my Kundalini Awakening I now FULLY understand what this means.


I can't believe it. The mysteries of life are practically sprinkled everywhere you just gotta really dig in and look.


Almost makes you think you're going crazy...


I guess it's one of those things we can't really openly express, but we vaguely touch upon.




Now, I first thought, "yeah right." 

When I heard this the first hundred times, until I learned what it meant, lol.


P.S This is not about religion .This is about life.

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You went all the way? Serious props. 


What did you understand about visualizing? 

Haha for some reason I thought everyone knew by now.


I'm not sure how much I am allowed to disclose, so I will give you as much as I can without being blatant.


My Kundalini awakening experience



Most of everything in life is a symbol that has a certain kind of meaning attached.

For example, Jesus is just a concept that represents a set of ideas for people to imitate.

Satan is also another concept, but this one is a little more tricky to describe.

He isn't what he is made out to be. In fact, he is a good guy.

But, the word "Satan" has been corrupted and tainted.

So the issue with Satan is in the word "satan" which should probably be changed to "Enki."



Close your eyes "that's the real world." Open your eyes that's the fake world.



They are real and they exist.


The Secret

You don't have to go anywhere for the secret. 

Just stop moving and once you stop you'll find it.



The quality of your life will greatly be enhanced by how well you're at reading symbols, knowing what it means, and the 'instructions' it contains.

I would say more but I am trying to put it in my work before I leak it all out. EVEN THOUGH, it's already kinda leaked just not on a mass level.

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I can tell you're a lot better as a public speaker, now. There's an entirely different vibe about you. I'd also suggest you straight up take live videos if you can, just you walking around or out in nature, etc. Face to face builds more personal connection. 

Thank you so much!

I think I always secretly wanted to be a charismatic leader type, but I suppressed everything.


Existentialism hit me hard early. What's the point of life I asked?


Never really could muster up an answer for that. 


But now I do my best to become my best.


I still have a lot of work to do as I still get jitters and lack experience.


But, I definitely feel like I have the talent to evolve mankind.


I just have to practice and destroy all the junk in my trunk, hehe.

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Now, I first thought, "yeah right." 

When I heard this the first hundred times, until I learned what it meant, lol.



You'll find this true about pretty much EVERY statement that is endlessly and mindlessly repeated in the "self development" movement.


There's hearing it, and then there's "getting" it.


The two are VASTLY different.

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