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Do you have to be sitting with the tarot card reader?

Skylar Lake

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I have many friends on Facebook who are asking me to perform tarot card readings for them, however many live in other states.  I am concerned that I would not be able to do justice to a reading if they are not right in front of me.  Please tell me if it's possible to conduct a tarot card reading for someone who is not in the same room.  By the way, I am just starting out but have excellent intuition and my friends often rely on me for this, even without tarot.  My mother was tarot card reader and taught me many things and I would like to continue her legacy with this.

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No, I don't think so, although I see the advantages of face to face readings.......I don't know a lot about tarot, but I know some people do readings online, I know someone who did one for me and

some of the things she says made a lot of sense, some of that not at the time, but later.


Personally, it sounds like something you want to pursue and are knowlegeble about and enjoy and I think go for it!

Even if you do it in baby steps - whatever works for you. 


When I chat to one of my best guy friends, online or off who also is a tarot reader (but it's more like a hobby for him though he loves doing it)

I will ask his opinion of this too. 

I know you are already very good at tarot reading from what you have said, but did you know also that in the parapsychology part of the videos here there is one called "Psychic Tools" and I believe it is about increasing your ability with these, including with tarot cards? I don't know how you feel about that as an extra boost etc but I just wanted to let you know that it is there! 

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