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Hi everyone,


So I have used a lot of subliminals in my life. Brain Sync, Real Subliminal and Indigo Mind Labs to name a few. But none of them had any effect on me and I had pretty much given up on the genre for a few years. A couple of weeks ago I found the Co Creators youtube channel and thought I might as well give it a go. I started using "Reality Generator   Instantly Manifest Your Desires   Powerful Subliminals   256 Voices". I would listen to it with headphones for 30mins then leave it playing on a loop throughout the rest of the night. Here are some of the (admittedly small but still something) things I manifested:


- I wanted to do something nice for the office like buy cake, but I was cash strapped. And also I really wanted cake, lol. The day after I had that thought a client brought in 2 cakes for the office.

-I got a R567 ($39) unexpected windfall which I really needed to make it to the next payday

-The pothole I had to deal with everyday on my way back from work was filled in.

-How do I put this... I acquired a high grade fun time (lol)


That was after using the subliminal for about 2 weeks. Last night I added "Bestselling Writer   Express Your Creative Genius and Become Rich and Famous" to my loop as I really do want to be a successful novelist but I am miserable at doing the writing (ask me to come up with a complete concept, done, just cant seem to write the damn thing). I have a feeling that the first one will boost the efficacy of the second. And I really believe it's the 256 voices that is the reason I'm actually seeing results.


I am visualising spreading out my energy across the town I am in and making everything vibrate in accordance with my desires bringing into alignment everything I need and want. I can spread my energy much further if I wanted to, but I am focusing on building a strong base. That's why I want to focus on a max of 2 subliminals at a time, going for about 2 months before I switch out for a new one.


I asked George about the potential of making gay friendly subliminals but he just said I should use the Kundulini ones. I'm not ready to really mess with Kundulini since if you do it wrong it has been known to cause permanent paralysis. Also Jerry's description of results where not particularly enticing. I may try using the "seduce Men" audio (since it has no feminine descriptors in it) once I have the means and ability to make online purchases.


I feel like I need to put a disclaimer here. My results did not happen in a vacuum. I have 2 ancestral clearing audios from John Newton that I used a few times that I am sure contributed to the speed of my results.

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Hi & welcome!


I enjoyed reading your journal so far.  I sometimes use the subliminals on my lovelife too and I come across any subliminals here that have no feminine descriptors in it and I REMEMBER to! I'll let you know.   Anyway, great journal & "waves to you." 

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Welcome to Mindpersuasion.com!

Grea job spotting the minor differences with the use of hypnosis. 


Some people are not able to for whatever reason.


I noticed you mentioned me with the Kundalini not being enticing. 


It is one of those things hard to explain with words and must be really experienced for yourself to know how satisfying it can be.


Kundalini has opened me to the many truths of life and because of this I have a somewhat of a 'guidance' if you will. 


On top of that, most of my emotional blockages from the past has been purified. 


And much more added bonuses!


Enjoy your stay,

Gerardo Aka Jerrymp

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Thanks for the welcome guys  :)


I may get to the Kundalini at some stage (there have been times where I could feel my energetic body) but I guess I'm trying to lay a foundation first.


Haven't really noticed a difference with the writing subliminal yet but I have been getting good parking spaces almost immediately. Other than that I haven't noticed anything lately but I usually only realise I've manifested something a while after it has happened so, who knows what else has come into my life so far.


Anyway this was just a thanks and a quick update. Will probably only update this thread if something substantial happens.

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I seem to be experiencing some cognitive dissonance. Sometimes I feel so powerful, like reality is my bitch but at the same time I feel like I don't know how to mold it. Like I know I can shape reality, but I don't know how. Honestly I have exercises to direct my energy but I am a lazy piece of shit so I don't do them.


I've had a back pain for a little over a week now. Related it to a work friend and he had the exact same issue and he said it was because of the chair. He organised me a new one and the pain is subsiding. So I manifested that at least.


There are so many hot guys in this little town I'm in (it's a university town so they come from all over the country) and it's making me want to dive into the sexier subliminals but I have to just redirect myself to focus on what's important: All that writing I'm still not doing. I'm trying not to expect the world from that writing subliminal yet since I just started it relatively soon. Hopefully it will kick me into high gear at the 14 day mark.

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  • 3 weeks later...

So at the moment I'm listening to Instant Manifestion, Bestselling Writer and Relentless Motivation. I have been on this configuration for a few weeks now with instant being the one I've used since I started.


Of the three, it looks like only Instant is netting any results. It manifested a really powerful teacher for me and I'm excited to see what changes this will bring. Seriously, the energy you can feel in your body in his teachings are off the charts.


I hoped that the Motivation audio would have super charged the Writer by now but I haven't written a word yet, unless you count the work emails I send, lol.


Still, I am hopeful.

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