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Change your lifestyle for better results


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Thought this through, after a while. Now it seems very obvious. 






In the past, before the tech era began, we were all parts of this... community. You would say Hi to the shopkeeper, ride bikes, go with your family to picnics, fairs, etc. 


However, now, that era is gone. 


You see a girl, and you're forced to deliver a sales pitch to keep her coming back. Back in the day, you would just know the girl by seeing her over and over again as a part of your community. The town or city you lived in would be more than enough to fulfill your love life. 


Now, we all need to be salesmen.


In reality, you're probably just not meeting enough women in your day to day life because society is structured in an entirely different way. You may already be a natural and not realize it, because you have been that out of touch with the opposite sex. 


The solution? Restructure your life. 


Dance, Yoga, Psychology, Cooking, Fitness, Music, Concerts - these are all good places to find women. If there aren't any nearby where you live, maybe make your own ;)


It doesn't have to be a bar where you are forced to instantly build a sexual connection. You can have this be a lifestyle. Realize this - if everyday, after 5 PM, you end up seeing women as a part of your lifestyle, your skills will naturally improve. Naturally. 


Don't blame yourself, the times have changed, and we need to adapt. I assure you, instead of setting up a pickup time (you still can, and probably should), if you build a lifestyle around things that women gravitate to anyway, this stuff will end up coming to you a lot faster. 


So to reiterate, the problem may not be so much modern men themselves - the problem may very well be that technology has taken over. 


As always, debates and opinions are welcome. 


Wish y'all a fulfilling life - Light. 



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