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Video or Audio Subliminal?

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Can somebody explain to me why all products are called "videos" here and ppl talk about "listening to a video"? As much as I am aware, the products George produces are all audios, I haven't come across a single video subliminal so far. But then some of those "videos" are recorded as mp4 files and others are pure audio subliiminals, produced as mp3 files. How come and what's the difference?


Thanks for clarification!




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Let me explain. When we used to downloaded george's hypnosis sessions from youtube they were in video format so when you played them they used to open in video player by default. So we had to convert them to mp3 format via some video to audio converter to listen to them on our music player.

Okay, thanks for explaining! Since there are video subs in existence, I was confused about that ;-)

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